I'm Jules & the story of Maple + Macaron began four years ago, when life wasn't always slow and simple like in the South of France. Before I moved to France, life was a lot more fast paced and busy in Toronto, Canada.

I met my now husband James there, and we decided to pack up our lives and move back to his hometown of Cannes, France. Now four years later we have two beautiful boys, born two years apart, Oslo and Louie.

As a new Mama I spend my days at home, raising our boys in our old village house, taking way too many photos of them to post on Instagram, attempting to cook like a traditional French Maman, and constantly being inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me in the South of France. 
Maple and Macaron is an outlet for me to feel creative, and with that in mind I post about interiors I love to live in, food I love to cook, music I love to listen to, styles I love to wear, places I love to visit, people I love to be with & stories I love to tell.


La vie est faite de petits bonheurs.