October 10, 2017

Louie decided to come into the world with a big bang and like Oslo, with a lot of drama. It is amazing how he is only three months old, but his life has already been full of some incredible memories and intense moments.

One incredible memory was having my mum, dad and older sister visit from Canada to meet Louie just weeks after his birth. Even though we live so far away, it is so nice they can share in these exciting times with us. One intense moment that we hope we never experience again, was when we had to stay for six days in the hospital when Louie was just two weeks old. One night he had a very high fever, so we rushed to the emergency room to see what was going on. It was so frightening as a parent. Fortunately after many tests the doctors discovered Louie had viral meningitis not bacterial, and he would make a full recovery. Once the virus cleared and his fever dropped, we went home with a healthy baby. Now two and a half months later, Louie is in perfect health and is one giant baby.

It seems he has completely skipped three month old clothing and jumped right into six and nine month clothes already. It's hard for me to keep up with his growth, but so nice to have a chunky baby who loves to eat. When I look back at photos of Oslo at this age, he looked so teeny tiny still. I just want Louie to keep getting fatter and fatter, until he becomes the squishiest baby I have ever seen.

Louie started smiling and laughing very early on and now it is his favourite thing to do. In the past couple of weeks he has also really found his voice, and spends most of the day talking away to himself. With each passing day Oslo is more intrigued and finds Louie so funny and interesting. He calls Louie "mon bebe" and climbs on top of him to kiss him all over, it's the cutest thing to see. Now that Oslo is less jealous, he is turning into the sweetest brother I could have hoped for.

Like a true French man, Louie is a music lover and Carla Bruni and Julien Doré are his favourites. Whenever he is a little fussy I find putting music on or singing to him calms him down right away. He also loves exploding his diapers every single day. This is obviously something I do not love as the primary diaper changer in the house. I don't know what's going on with this baby, but what he does is epic. He is starting to become interactive and loves to lie on his play mat and look at his toys hanging above him. Tummy time on the other hand is not something he enjoys, and he has started to roll onto his back sometimes. Which I think is because he hates it so much. He can't blame me if he gets a flat head from not doing it, but I'm hoping in the next few weeks he starts to enjoy it more. If all other forms of entertainment fail, Louie always adores straight up eye contact. No matter where we are or what we are doing, if I look at him and catch his eyes he is happy. It's like he knows everything is fine and he can just relax. He's such a chilled out Buddha baby.

It is no secret that I had a traumatic birth with Oslo which ended up causing me many issues with breastfeeding, I wrote about my breastfeeding journey here. After that emotional and painful first experience with Oslo, I was nervous this time would be the same. 

I was already off to a good start when Louie was born, because my birth was so positive and amazing. That definitely helps put a mother on a good path for a positive breastfeeding experience. I was also more prepared this time and made sure my doula came to check how I was getting on, just a couple of days after birth. I was initially having a little bit of pain, so after watching me breastfeed she showed me a whole new technique that I never knew when I feeding Oslo. She told me that the baby should do all of the work and I should get comfortable, put the baby on my chest and have him find my nipple, then start eating. Instead of putting him directly on my breast, which is what I was doing with Oslo. This new technique is much more natural for the baby and helps teach them the best way to feed. As soon as she showed me this particular way to breastfeed, the pain was instantly gone and we haven't looked back. 

Louie and I have now been breastfeeding successfully and exclusively, with completely no pain for three months. It is such massive joy and relief for me. What an incredible feeling to not have to worry about feeding my baby while being in pain, this time I can just enjoy every second of it. It has made my bonding with Louie happen so fast, which was definitely not the case my first time around.

I don't know what it is exactly, but this experience feels so much easier. What has helped a ton and the biggest difference from when I was a new mum to Oslo, is I don't stress about the little things and don't question myself. I wake up every morning knowing exactly what Louie needs and how to make him happy. It's like my natural motherly instincts are enhanced since I gave birth the second time, and I just trust myself.

I feel because my mind isn't busy wondering if I am doing things well or not, I am much more present and in the moment. I take in every little nuance and pay attention to the finer details so much more. The strangest thing of all is, time seems to be passing so incredibly slowly. With Oslo, his first year flew by so fast I barely had time to realise it. While I was pregnant with Louie that went by extremely fast as well, but as soon as he was born it's like time is standing still. I'm actually surprised he is only three months, because it really feels like he should be older with how slow the days are passing. It's a strange and wonderful feeling, and I hope time continues to creep by slowly so I can continue to savour everything about little Louie.

I have compiled some of the endless little clips I recorded of Louie's first three months and put them together in this video. From the last kicks of him in my belly, to moments after I gave birth, and Oslo smothering his new brother in kisses. I am so thrilled I captured these fleeting moments. I would love for you to watch and share in our babe's life so far.

You can read Louie's Birth Story here and Oslo's one here

Thank you so much for sharing these moments in Louie's first three months.


Photography by my incredible sister Alex NearyWild Eyed Photography.

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