October 17, 2017

If you know me, then you will know I am a sucker for French baby brands. I don't know if it's because I live in France or because I am a francophile, either way if I know a product has been designed by a local company and then made in the EU, I am sold. I think we can all admit that when we become a parent for the first time, it can be daunting to know which products to buy for our little ones. Scrolling through Instagram nowadays, there is a bevy of must have baby items that every Instamum has, that we all want. I went through it with Oslo, and now with Louie it is happening all over again. The difference this time is, I am being more conscious to buy from local small companies, who are preferably run by women. For me there is something so special when I buy from a women who has worked hard to design and make a product. Knowing I am supporting here and her company, and using this special piece everyday is a beautiful thing.

Over the past three months I have carefully picked out a few new pieces for Louie and for myself. There are three items in particular that I love, and feel every mum should treat herself and new baby to. I can honestly say I use these products every single day, whether I am going to the park, the grocery store, or a lunch out with a friend. These have been my 'never leave home without it' pieces. I am proud to say they are all from companies run by French women and are made locally in Europe. I wanted to share them with you, and show how essential they are to me when I venture out with my boys on a village walk.

Josefina came to life in 2014 when France Lamy Herbeau (yes her name is France and I already love her) started to create the concept for the brand. After she had her baby she wanted to design a bag that was functional for an everyday maman, but had a chic and stylish look to it. Angela Esteban Libero brought her knowledge of the fashion world to the brand, and after 18 months of work between Madrid, Paris, and New York, their Josefina project finally was born.

I have to admit I had my eyes on this bag for months and months before I finally got one, which my amazing mum and Nana gave me for my birthday. As soon as I got my hands on this gorgeous leather bag, I knew it was made for me. It is so beautiful and simple, and goes with every outfit I wear, day or night. This is the type of bag that you keep forever, because not only is the quality amazing, but it is a timeless piece that will never go out of style.

I debated long and hard if I should get the medium or large size, and finally settled for the medium grey bag. The medium bag is perfect if you are the kind of mum who just brings the bare essentials out. For me I never bring more than I have to, and I prefer to have a more compact bag. If I do go out sans kids (which let's be real never happens, but here's hoping it does soon), I can still use it as a purse. The larger size is great if you like to bring lots of things out with you and have two young children.

My medium Josefina fits diapers for both boys, a pack of wipes, a cosmetic bag, my wallet, phone, keys, notebook, sunglasses, a couple toys, and any other little random things that I keep way down in the depths of that bag. It can also hold a tablet or small (13 inch) computer. Best of all it has a removable felt bag that attaches inside and organises all of the random crap mums like me keep in there. It is also stroller friendly with the long leather strap, that clips on and off super easily with four snaps.

It's obvious I am obsessed and if I could have another one, I would in a heartbeat. Bravo to France and Angela for creating such a functional and at the same time beautiful diaper bag for us mamas to use.

It seems the best ideas come from new mums who can't quite find what they are looking for. That is how Jeanne Dieuzaide, founder of Studio Romeo came up with the idea for her effortless baby carriers. After her first child Romeo was born, she was trying to find a carrier that was easy to use and didn't need adjusting. Fortunately for her, her search came up empty so during her second pregnancy in 2015 she created her own eco-friendly carrier, that combines comfort, ethics, and security for babies. Now she designs not only carriers but also swaddles, round blankets, and a vegan diaper bag.

I am a huge baby wearer, I wore Oslo more than 18 months. He loved to be close to me and I loved being able to use both my hands, while knowing he was safe and happy. I have every kind of carrier you can imagine and love each one for different reasons, but the one thing they all have in common, is they all need to be adjusted and they take a while to put my baby in and get comfortable. I was so excited when Jeanne sent me the Stripes carrier to try. From the moment I put Louie into it he seemed comfortable and content, and I was thrilled with how easy it was for me to put on and have Louie correctly in position.

As much as I love how easy this carrier is to take on and off, for me the style and look of it is my favourite part. The fabric is the softest organic cotton and the patterns are so chic. Well they are designed by a French woman, so of course they are! What I love is that because it is so compact and easy to put on and goes with all of my outfits, it is the perfect carrier to keep in the stroller or car. If I ever need to quickly wear Louie last minute, then I know I can have him in the carrier in seconds with no fuss.

This carrier is perfect if you are new to wearing your baby, because it is so easy and comfortable to use. Or if you are like me and want a carrier where you don't have to fiddle and fuss with straps and wraps, it is your go to. The real test will be in the next couple of months, when Louie gets even bigger. At three months he is already the size of an average six month old baby, so I will report back with how I'm getting on with this chic porte-bébé. For now it's perfect and I love it!


Tiphaine Vincent grew up learning how to sew, weave, and knit from the women in her family. After studying foreign languages which brought her to beautiful Bergamo, Italy, she was inspired to pick up her knitting needles once again and create beautiful baby essentials. With a passion for producing simple knits for babies with 100% pure free-range European merino wool, Tiphaine created Atelier La Vague.

I am a lover of hand knit products, especially when they are made for babies. I think it is probably because when growing up my Nana hand knit my sisters and me, stuffed animals, sweaters, blankets, and accessories. At 85 she still knitted Oslo and Louie each a blanket which makes me so happy, unfortunately she said those are the last pieces she will knit as it hurts her hands. So having the lovely Tiphaine send me these beautiful knit booties and bonnet for Louie really made me so happy. There is something so special when dressing your baby in an item that you know has been hand made. You can see in the delicate details, just how much work and love has gone into each piece.

Since receiving these darling little booties, Louie wears them almost everyday. They are lightweight, so soft and best of all, machine washable. I put them on him instead of socks, simply because they keep his cold toes warm and they stay on. I think every mum out there knows how hard it is to find socks that actually stay on our wiggly baby's feet. Well these beauties certainly do, all day. With the weather finally starting to cool down here, I can also keep little L's head warm with the bonnet. Is there anything cuter than a chunky babe in a bonnet?

These pieces are already so well loved and I know will be kept and passed down to future Theis babies.

I'm thrilled to say Tiphaine at Atelier La Vague is generously giving away a hand knit bonnet and pair of booties like the ones Louie is wearing, on my Instagram. So please go and enter to win these gorgeous pieces from her there.

This post is in collaboration with and sponsored by Atelier La Vague and Studio Romeo. Both companies generously provided me with their products to try, but as always my opinions and photos are my own. Thank you so much!

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  1. Well with France being such a stylish nation, I can absolutely understand you being obsessed with having products made in france! I would be too, and I adore these gorgeous products you've featured - especially that beautiful bag!! xx