September 13, 2017

Mama and Baby Relaxing the Mountains

With the long summer heat really wearing us all down, James and I thought we should escape to the mountains for chilly mornings, clear starry night skies and silence. The summers in Cannes are very hot and crowded. They can take their toll on us and by September we feel a bit done with it all. So instead of staying home and continuing to moan about it, we booked two nights in a little Eco House or Maisonnette Écologique en français, close to the tiny village of Le Mas. 

I really love nature, but not to the point where I want to set up a tent and not shower for three days with two babes. So this Eco House was the perfect balance of being in nature, with the comforts of home for me. Or as they call it, glamping. It had no electricity except for solar powered lights, which meant this was a true 'disconnected' trip. No phones and no computers, just family and adventure!

French landscape view from road

Cute Baby in a Cosy Bonnet

Cute Toddler in Nature

Cute toddler feeding a little chicken

Gorgeous view of the French Alps

Father and son enjoying a gorgeous mountain view

After less than a two hour drive through winding roads surrounded by towering mountains, we arrived at our quaint house rental early evening. We were greeted by our friendly hosts, three chickens, two kittens, one dog, and a toddler aka Oslo's new bff. This little girl Lily grew up in the mountains and did not have a ton of contact with other kids, so our hosts/her parents were thrilled to see we had brought her a new friend. We were thrilled as well because they offered to look after them while they played, so James and I could enjoy a peaceful glass of wine while I cooked us dinner in our open air summer kitchen. 

Oslo returned in time for dinner and afterwards we all lay on loungers under the biggest sky full of stars. Lately Oslo has had a real fascination with space, the moon and stars, so he was mesmerised by it all. He kept screaming out ''Wow!'' every time he looked up at the big bright moon. We let him stay up later than normal and he fell asleep on James while looking up at the night sky. 

James and I stayed up for a couple more hours, finishing our bottle of wine and seeing two shooting stars. I have only seen one other shooting star in my life, so I was very excited and wished upon those stars for something special to happen. I am still waiting for my wish to come true and I will let you know when it does...

Mama lying in a hammock reading a book

Two babies together at sunrise

Sunset in nature

Father and son cuddling and laughing

Chapel on top of a mountain

My favourite kind of holidays are ones where we sleep in and have no real plans for the day. Since Saturday was our only full day here we decided to just see how the day went, and make absolutely no plans. I have found with having babies that days are very unpredictable, so it is best to just go with the flow. 

It is a good thing we didn't make plans because Mister Oslo decided this was the day of tantrums and saying ''No!'' Whatever kind of relaxing day we were trying to have was tossed out the window. James and I were getting more and more frustrated especially after Oslo refused to nap, so we decided to hop in the car and drive to a picturesque village one hour away for lunch. If there is one thing we know it's that Oslo will no matter what, sleep in the car. Just like that, as soon as James pushed on the gas he was out. So we had a peaceful and gorgeous drive all the way to Castellane. There we had a lovely lunch and Oslo was in somewhat of a better mood. Admittedly we may have been one of those parents we do not wish to be and put on some videos for Oslo to watch during lunch. Shame on us, but he was in such a better spirits after. Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to make your kid quiet and happy. I'm sure I am not alone in that!

After lunch we drove back and enjoyed our stunning surroundings at our little house. We fed the chickens, Oslo played with the two adorable kittens, and Louie, well all he does it seems is sleep.

Baby bundled up cosy in a basket

Stunning French mountain landscape

Man holding a red chicken

Father and son playing with a kitchen

Cute kitten laying down on floor

Woman holding coffee looking out at mountain view

For a while now I have felt a bit consumed by all of the technology around. I find even Oslo can be so tempted by it, always asking to watch his show. So not being able to check my messages or Instagram was actually such a nice feeling. As much as I try not to go on my phone when we are on holiday, knowing I can is always tempting. With this trip because I knew there was no way I would have access to my phone it helped me not miss technology at all. 

It was the first time I felt truly present in the moment in a long time. It made me realise I need to disconnect more often and that it's really important to not check social media all the time, especially when I am with my sweet boys. 

I already want to return to this little bit of paradise, to disconnect again and really escape from the everyday. James and I are talking about going back just the two of us next year. We will leave the boys with my in-laws and truly enjoy everything this place has to offer.

Cat standing on bed

Mother and baby cuddling

Funny toddler relaxing in a hammock

Pretty French cottage

Beautiful family together looking at the mountains

Adorable baby cosy in a basket

Beautiful open summer kitchen

Cute toddler playing with a kitten

Woman relaxing in a hammock in nature

Cute toddler kissing a chicken

Cute baby with a gorgeous mountain view

I may have disconnected from technology, but I did still manage to capture many moments from our little getaway. I made a little video of our time in this special place and would love for you to take a look.

Have you ever taken a 'disconnected' holiday? If so where did you go and did you find it hard to not check your phone?

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  1. Gosh you've got me all needing a weekend of disconnect!! This looks and sounds like such an idyllic break (give or take a few tantrums bless you, I know how it is!) - what a gorgeous couple of days away. I want to go just to see that sky!! And those photos of Louie in his basket - beautiful! Going to pop back here to watch your film later as I'm in a coffee shop without headphones and if I know you I know I need to watch it hearing the soundtrack :) xx