June 30, 2017

Ah! Yesterday I hit my 39th week and I'm sitting here with my big belly popping out in front of me wondering, where does all this time go? Like my last pregnancy I had the best intention of blogging and sharing about my journey with each passing month, but then life unexpectedly gets in the way of that and now here I am at the end of my second journey and this is like the third or fourth time I've actually written anything about it. Between getting all ready for baby, spending as much time as I can with Oslo, finding him a nanny to take him two days a week, and just the everyday tasks, I have found it hard to have time to just sit down and write or even relax. So here we are at the very end, Oslo is happily at his nanny's for the day and I am taking this time to finally share what an incredible, but in many ways more difficult pregnancy I have had. 

I thought I would also get around to sharing some photos from my first maternity shoot I did in the Spring on a little beach in Cannes with my first love Oslo. I always feel a bit like a fraud whenever I am in front of a camera, but I am so happy Caroline Liabot of Elles & Eux Photographie captured these special moments between us. This little guy is in for the surprise of his life any day now, so I'm happy we have these photos before he is not the only little love in the family.

I went into this pregnancy expecting it to be very similar to my first, meaning hardly any symptoms and overall feeling like sunshine and roses. No one really told me that second pregnancies, and third and fourth for that matter, can actually be a lot harder. Of course once I started mentioning to friends and my mum that I have physically been feeling much more strain and pain this time, then they all piped up and said that it's totally normal. Would have been nice to know! Really I can't complain because my first and third trimesters were fairly easy and it seems my body has sort of gotten used to the exhaustion and added strain of carrying around a clingy 12kg toddler. But geez that second trimester was a killer for me.

This baby has been a very big boy from the beginning, even my doctor was a little taken back by his growth each month. With bigger babies comes quick expanding hips and a big belly, so my body took a hard hit especially throughout the second trimester. The positive of that is because our bodies have already expanded and shifted before it usually does this earlier on, but unfortunately I had a ton of hip and lower back pain for months. Luckily once this guy flipped round and was head down most of the pain went away. The past couple of months have been much easier on me, except for the odd leg cramp that stops me in my tracks, a bit of volcanic acid reflux, and going pee 5 times a night. Something else that was a bit of a new experience for me this time was false or practice contractions. Since about 25 weeks I have experienced constant contractions, not consistent ones but they definitely came everyday. As much as they weren't the most fun thing to have, I was happy to take them as a challenge to practice my hypnobirthing breathing exercises and get ready for the real ones in labour. 

It definitely feels like my body is much more in tune this time around, which I guess it to be expected because this is not our first rodeo. I'm just hoping that when I go into labour my body is like ''Hey, I've got this, I am a seasoned pro! You just sit back and relax and I will take it from here.'' Don't worry my expectations are not high at all! Seriously though, I am prepared to go through another natural birth and accept all the things (pain!) that can come with it. I'm feeling so prepared with all of the words of wisdom my midwife, doula, doctor and hypnobirthing classes have taught me throughout as well. Let's just cross our fingers this labour isn't 25 hours and I stay in great health during the whole labour and delivery.

Now that I am 39 weeks that inevitable feeling of impatience is creeping in. I began labour with Oslo when I was 39 weeks and 2 days, so I of course expect this baby to follow suit. It also doesn't help that when I got checked by my doctor at 36 weeks, he told me I was 1cm dilated and baby should be here within a week or two. Well a week or two has passed and I am preparing myself to have a July baby that might want to wait a little longer then Oslo did. I'm just so eager and excited to finally meet this little bébé and go through all the incredible and intense highs and lows of being the mother to a newborn again. I get so giddy thinking about it, I really can't wait! Until then I will continue nesting like a mad women, trying my best to just sit and relax, and cherish these last moments with my little Oslo and James. Oh and I'm going to swim a lot, because I won't be able to do that for a little while after and summer in the South of France is only fun when you can swim. So if you need me I will be sipping my mocktail by my in-law's pool and waiting for baby boy number 2 to make his debut.

Thank you so much to Caroline Liabot for these gorgeous photos. You can see more of her beautiful photos here.

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