June 19, 2017

It seems time has been slipping through my fingers this pregnancy, and as I write this I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and nearing the end of this incredible journey. But let me take you back to 14 weeks ago when I was only 23 weeks pregnant when James and I escaped to the gorgeous French wine country for a little babymoon. Time for just the two of us is very rare and I know it will be even harder to come by when our second bébé arrives at the beginning of July, so when we do get a chance to spend a night away together it means so much to us.

On a beautiful warm Spring day in March we drove an hour away through miles of vineyards and hillsides to Château de Berne, a hotel, spa and Michelin star restaurant in the heart of the wine region of Provence. As soon as you enter through the front gates you really feel like you have stepped into a French countryside paradise. We both felt instantly relaxed and at peace, and just so excited to spoil ourselves for the next two days.

We checked into our room after we ate a delicious lunch outside under the sun, and we soon discovered we were only one of three guests that were booked for the night. This is always music to our ears because we love to be alone and it meant we got the room with the best view! Our room was so beautiful I didn't want to leave and could have stayed in either the bed or the bath my whole stay. It felt so nice to have a lovely clean adult room with no baby items in sight. Just a special place for us to relax in and enjoy with zero interruptions. 

My favourite part of the whole room was the bathroom which had an entire wall of privacy glass. So we could see out, but no one could see in. It did take a bit of getting used to, I must say it was so strange seeing a gardener tending to the plants outside while I was in the glass shower all naked! 

After a nice long bath in the deepest tub in the world, we headed to the spa for a session of spoiling. This spa was so pretty and peaceful, and like the rest of the hotel, we were the only ones in sight. I'm not one to go and treat myself to a massage, but with being pregnant and all I thought it was a great opportunity to have a prenatal massage and really give my body a break. James booked a massage for himself as well and the funniest thing always seems to happen whenever we go for massages together. The two masseuses show up and one is always tall and sturdy and the other is tiny. Every single time I get the tall and stronger looking one and James is stuck with this teensy little girl, who we just end up feeling bad for because James is a very large man at 6'4''. This little lady had her work cut out for her! I thoroughly enjoyed my hour long massage, but poor James on the other hand really did not get that deep tissue massage he was after. Her fingers must have been broken by the end! After our massages we went swimming in the pool with a beautiful view of the vineyards.

Feeling like we are on cloud nine, we went back to our room to get ready for our special dinner at the Michelin star restaurant, Le Jardin de Benjamin. This was my first time ever experiencing a Michelin star restaurant so I was very excited and obviously had very high expectations. The dining room, food and service really was all it's cracked up to be and was even beyond what I could have imagined. We had so much fun waiting for each little course to arrive and then being blown away each time. I almost felt guilty devouring the beautiful creations the chef made for us. Eating at a restaurant like this definitely makes it harder to go back to regular ones, I must say.

After a beautiful night we woke up to breakfast on the terrace which again was the stuff dreams are made of. One of the major perks of staying here during the off season is that we didn't have to leave the property right after check out. So after a long breakfast and getting ready we checked out but decided to stay a while and explore some of the other activities the hotel offers. We were told we had to try their electric bikes and go on a big ride around the property. If you know me then you will be well aware that I am the least coordinated kind of person there is and bikes are a dangerous thing for me to go on. I'm not being dramatic here, the last time I rode a bike was in Lucca with James and my sister and I lost control of my bike and almost fell into a canal. Me and bikes or anything with wheels are not friends, so I thought adding a motor onto the bike would makes things even worse. But the hotel staff assured me it would be fine and I would love it. So I went ahead with this crazy idea and oh man am I glad I did!

I can't even begin to tell you how fun electric bikes are! Everyone has to do it. It is like a safer version of a scooter and they go so fast. James and I felt like kids the whole time we were riding, I didn't want it to end. It was also the perfect way to take in the view of this massive vineyard property. I would go back to the hotel just for the bikes, it was the best part.

After that incredible bike ride we decided to take one last walk around the hotel before we headed home. This little getaway was quick, but we so needed it. I am always amazed how connected we feel after a day or two away just us. These moments with James mean so much to me, I really wish we could do it more often.

Until next time, we had such an amazing stay at Château de Berne and I couldn't recommend it enough. Even if you don't have the time to stay a night at the hotel, I would definitely book yourself in for a lunch and wine tour. It's rosé season and this place knows how to make the perfect Summer drink!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience, Jules. ox

    1. You're welcome, it was a pleasure!