February 15, 2017

I finally have my first Frenchie addition for this series and I couldn't be more excited to share with you the sweetest Parisian, Marion Angelin. She is quite new to the Instagram world, but Marion is a complete natural at it and captures her beautiful family life in London with such a delicate beauty that I had  to feature her photos. She has one of those accounts where you would think she has thousands upon thousands of followers, yet strangely only a thousand or so people (fans!) have discovered her secret space. I hope to change that today as her photos bring me such creative inspiration and delight. that I know they will do the same for many more. 

You will soon discover when scrolling through Marion's gallery that she does not show herself all too often, yet somehow through every photo she posts you can easily see who she is. Over the past few months of following along in her beautiful life I've been in awe of her creative touch, her whimsical spirit and sweet nature. She also knows how to capture light at its most magical moment and that is something I know as Instagrammers/wannabe professional photographers we all struggle and strive for. I could go on and on about how much I adore Marion and her photos, but I will let her and her gorgeous shots do the talking now. 

Seeing your photography skills evolve through your gallery is very inspiring. How did you learn to refine your photography style and create such beautiful images?

When I was younger I used to collect drawings, pictures, anything that was catching my eye so I have always been drawn to photography but somehow, the technical side of it felt a bit daunting. The fact that you could take decent pictures with a phone was quite a revelation to me and even gave me the confidence to experiment with a DSLR camera. I am very much an amateur but I picked up a few tips along the way mainly from trial and error, reading blogs and probably spending too much time on Instagram. As with any new skill, practice makes perfect and I am learning something new every time I pick up my phone or camera. I am a textile and print lover so colour, layout and texture is very important to me. I usually have an idea in my head of how I would like a picture to look, it rarely turns out the way I had in mind but the unexpected can be a wonderful surprise.

You are definitely more about quality than quantity as you have less than 150 photos posted. Since we don't get to see very much of you and would love to know more, what can you tell us about yourself that we wouldn't know through Instagram?

I first opened my Instagram account last year as way to have my own little creative project, something I had very much put to one side since becoming a maman. I have since realised that I do indeed feel much more comfortable being behind rather than in front of the camera - self portrait is an art I have yet to master. When I was 18 and applying to university I couldn't decide between art or English so I decided to do a bit of both by studying fashion in England. My heart may always belong to Paris but 3 children and 16 years later, I still complain about the bread and the weather but London is very much home now and a great place to raise children.  In my pre-baby life I was a textile designer where I spent a lot of time drawing flowers - this is probably where my love for anything botanical comes from, even though I am a hopeless gardener. 

 What in your daily life inspires you to take photos and get creative?

It is usually the simple little things of everyday life that I find the most inspiring, a forgotten object that tells a story, a flower, the changing light and colours of the seasons and of course my three favourite little people who are growing up way too fast. This is one of the things I love most about Instagram, it makes me look at things differently and appreciate something beautiful everyday.

What are three Instagram accounts that give you daily inspiration and we must be following?

This is such a difficult question because there are so many amazing accounts and people who inspire me for very different reasons, but I'll start with a few women who give me a daily dose of beauty and creativity... 

Krissy @oftheeveryday captures beautiful and simple daily moments. There is something very poetic and almost magical in the way Krissy sees the ordinary.
Becca @cherry.rebecca, as well as being multi-talented, Becca has a gift for colours and the eye of a painter . Her compositions and beautiful landscapes are truly inspiring.
Sara @me_and_orla, think Wuthering Heights meets fairy tale, her moody, romantic pictures will make you want to forget all about city living and move somewhere in the Yorkshire moors. 
Émilie @sweetcabane because We'll always have Paris. One look at her gorgeous, delicious looking gallery and you'll feel at home.
Melanie @geoffreyandgrace, it was love at first sight when I discovered Melanie's beautiful earthy photographs, honest articles on motherhood and slow living tips are a constant source of inspiration.

I am sorry Jules, I am pretty sure that this is more than three but hopefully no one will notice.

You capture la joie de vivre so simply in your photos. What makes you experience la joie de vivre living in London? 

Merci beaucoup! Since having children I really aspire to a slower and simpler life probably because I feel that I am constantly running after time. London with its open spaces and amazing parks is still very fast paced so making time everyday for the little things that bring me joy like taking pictures, knitting or savouring a cup of tea is something I am learning to do. But for me true joie de vivre is spending time outside in a beautiful park in the middle of the city, being with my little family exploring new places or spending ages at the natural history museum just to see my son's face in awe... oh and pistachio macarons of course!

So nice to know more about lovely Marion and to learn about what inspires her. To see more of her beautiful life in London and inspiring daily captures be sure to follow her on Instagram (@thefamilywardrobe). Merci beaucoup Marion!

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  1. Love this...and love Marion's feed. Great wee series!

    1. Thank you so much darling Janice! That is so sweet of you :)