January 10, 2017

Okay so this isn't the most glamorous of posts, but I have wanted to share these guys with you for ages now. Let's talk natural deodorant shall we? I have probably tried twenty different kinds of natural deodorants over the past five years and have been very disappointed with the results, so I always switched back to the chemical sticks. I found they wouldn't last longer than a couple hours and left me feeling dirty, or something in them made me perspire more than I would have if I wore nothing. Whatever was going on was not working so I gave up on natural deodorant and went about my life not too worried about what horrible chemicals my Lady Speed Stick had in it. That was until I became pregnant and knew now was the time to switch all of my products that had chemicals in them to all natural ones. 

My search for natural deodorant began again and that's when I discovered Schmidt's Deodorant. I was sceptical of how well it would work, but I was open to it because all of the reviews I read were positive. I bought the Lavender + Sage scent and was instantly impressed. The smell was so natural and fresh and it simply worked. I applied it in the morning and it lasted the whole day and even absorbed any perspiration I had. 

Now the real test was if it would work on James, especially during and after his workouts. So I got him the very masculine and woodsy Cedarwood + Juniper scent and like me he loved it right away. It lasted all day and even after he had a hard sweat at the gym. It was incredible! 

As a very happy consumer I wanted to reach out to Schmidt's deodorant to ask them a few questions about their product and amazing company. They happily responded and enlightened me as to why their formula works and why it is so important for not only pregnant and breastfeeding women to use natural deodorant, but for everyone to make the switch to a chemical free lifestyle.

 What inspired Jamie Schmidt to start a natural deodorant company?

Schmidt's started humbly in a Portland, Oregon kitchen, when founder Jaime Schmidt was pregnant with her son. Jaime had always had a passion for natural body care products and studied their benefits, and she became motivated to make natural products for her family's health. Knowing that natural deodorant had a reputation for being ineffective, Jaime made it her mission to change the way people think about deodorant, refusing to compromise any effectiveness when formulating her deodorant. 

Why is it so important to use natural deodorants?

While there has been a lot of conversation about risk of antiperspirant use, both sides of this conversation are in disagreement about whether these products are actually detrimental to your long-term health. However, considering that 1 in 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and that aluminium used in the formulation of antiperspirants has been found in the breast tissue of those diagnosed with breast cancer, we're going to stick on the safe side and suggest that you do not use these products on your skin. It's no wonder that so many doctors recommend the use of natural products to individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

 I love all of the scents Schmidt's Deodorant offers and the best part is they are so long lasting. I can go a whole day with fresh smelling under arms. 
What makes your deodorants smell so good and why do they last so much longer than all of the other natural deodorants I have tried?

Schmidt's doesn't use any fragrance or parfum that can be made of harsh chemicals, instead our formula contains all natural essential oils that are more effective in making the deodorant last throughout the day. 

Many people opt for antiperspirant to stop them from sweating, that's exactly what I used to use. But since using Schmidt's it has strangely helped me stop from perspiring under my arms, like magic! 
How is this even possible with a natural deodorant?

Schmidt's doesn’t use aluminium which blocks the pores to prevent your body's healthy process of sweating. However, our formula does contain natural plant powders to absorb wetness, so even though Schmidt’s doesn’t prevent you from sweating, it will still help keep you dry!

If that isn't enough for you to make the switch to natural deodorant then I don't know what will. They are such an amazing company with such a great product, I'm just thrilled I discovered them when I did. Since then I have turned my whole family onto Schmidt's and each of us has our own favourite scent. Currently my favourite is the Geranium scent for sensitive skin.


Schmidt's Deodorant wanted to giveaway one of their popular Holiday 5-pack of deodorant sticks to one lucky Maple + Macaron reader. This is the perfect pack if you are just starting out with natural deodorants because you can try 5 different scents and see which one works best for you.

Go to my Instagram to enter and good luck!

Thank you so much to Schmidt's deodorant for collaborating with me on what I think is an important health post. For more information on Schmidt's feel free to check out their website here.

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