November 18, 2016

Get ready for another talented and inspiring woman that I am so thrilled to share with you for another 'Through her eyes...''. Olga Prinku is a maker through and through. The effortless beauty she crafts and creates daily is always captivating to me. With nature just at her door step she makes her home come alive with gorgeous handmade wreaths and floral arrangements. Her photos are always simple, yet so magical that it's no wonder her following is growing everyday.

Not only is she inspiring through her photos, but this Mum has recently ventured out on her own and became an entrepreneur. She put her knitting talents to great use and opened a handcrafted wool goodies shop online, called Prinku. So if you were like me and wishing you could get your hands on one of her knit blankets, stockings, or Christmas baubles, well now you can! There's nothing I respect and admire more than a Mum who has the courage to create her own worth and support herself and family through her craft. I told you she was inspiring!

Welcome to the stunning and whimsical world through Olga's eyes...

Through your photos you look like such an incredible homemaker, you love to craft, knit, cook, and design, among a long list of other things I'm sure. Were you always such a maker & where did your passion come from?

Thank you so much for such kind words dear Jules. I think we are all creative deep down, we just have to discover it. I remember as a child making little Christmas wreaths and always shifting furniture in my mum’s home to make it look cosy and find the perfect fit. My mum used to knit and sew and I’ve grown up always being exposed to it. I’m originally from Moldova and I was a child in the last few days of the Soviet Union, when there wasn’t much to be found in shops so you had to create your own beauty. Later I did a degree in graphic design and worked as a graphic designer for an interiors magazine, which exposed me to so many amazing homes and creative ideas. 

Your new knitting shop Prinku is gorgeous, I really love everything you have created. Where did your love for knitting come from & what urged you to sell your goods?

When we started a family I decided to take a career break, and while I was pregnant I took up knitting again. I started with little bear hats, and my friends kept saying I should try to sell them. I thought maybe it could become a little business that I could fit in alongside being a full-time mum. 

Similar to Elizabeth Dalton @blowyinthewind we don't see much of you in your photos, so I would love to know more. What are some things about you that we wouldn't know from your Instagram?

I am an extremely shy person and always love to be behind the camera rather than in front! English is my third language, after Russian and Romanian. I moved to the UK after I met my husband, and at first we travelled around a lot with his work. After we had our little boy we bought a house in north-east England, to be close to my husband's family. We live in a little village and there’s plenty of land around to forage for my plant-based Instagram props!

What in your daily life inspires you to take photos and get creative?

My boy and all his changing funny faces as he grows older and more conscious of the camera. Watching the changing of the seasons and how it affects the various corners of our home and garden and the rest of the village. Discovering what grows where around us, and deciding what to plant in our garden. Going out for walks in the nearby hills and moors and seaside, when I can persuade my son and husband to get away from their screens!  

What are some photos you love to take that are on your camera roll, but you would never post on Instagram?

It’s mostly family photos, and also recently lots of photos of my son’s Lego creations. He understands now that I make things and photograph them, so he insists that I photograph the things he makes too!

I love your photography style - direct, to the point, simple and unadorned, with a strong undercurrent of subtle magic. Your feed really is a gallery of constant beauty and inspiration for me and I know for many others. Do you have any secrets or tips on how to stay consistent & how to take a beautiful photo every time?

Thank you so much! I try to keep things simple, but only because I’ve learned that I can’t seem to do elaborate - every time I try, I think it looks contrived and unnatural. So I like simple backgrounds and very few things in the photo, and I look out for things to photograph that will fit a minimal colour palette. I always try to use natural light and a lot of my photos are taken near a south-west facing window in our house. But I’m also always now observing how light falls elsewhere in the house at different times of the day and year. I find the pictures I’m happiest with are the ones that happen naturally. I’m definitely much more observant since I started with Instagram! 

What are three Instagram accounts that we must all be following?

That’s a very difficult one to answer! All the people I follow are amazing and creative and inspire me everyday. Can I cheat and pick out some favourites in three categories of accounts? I love to follow mums who have a beautiful eye for detail and are great homemakers, like @anna.cor @wunderblumen @bykiddycut @hierwohntdasglueck @thislittlehouse_ @gatheredthreads. Also I love beautiful floral accounts, like @thewelshhouse @jannelford @botanical_tales. Needless to say I get a lot of inspiration from the gorgeous feeds of fellow makers, like @hand_made_by_olga @notary_ceramics @posyandpetal @fox_and_weave. But I could carry on listing accounts all day!

What a treat that was! It is so nice to get to know the lovely Olga a little more. She is so incredibly inspiring to me I hope she sparks something in you as well. Thank you so much Olga for opening up to us! Keep those gorgeous images flooding my feed everyday please. I cannot wait to see all of the beauty you create this Christmas.

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  1. What a great read! Thank you Jules and Olga for this treat, I adore following sweet Olga's beautiful gallery and love that she is a fellow knitter! Really enjoying this series Jules xxx

    1. Thank you so much Hannah, that's very sweet! I'm glad you love her gallery as much as me :)