September 15, 2016

 I discovered lovely Hannah when we were both pregnant, funnily enough we actually had the same due date of October 3. My Oslo decided to come early and her Oscar chose to come a little late, so our babes are about two weeks apart. Even though we have yet to meet in person, it has been such a pleasure to feel like we are entering Motherhood a bit together.

The world through Hannah's eyes is a magical one. When you first get a glimpse of her gorgeous Instagram account, you might think to yourself wow this girl is perfect. But behind her perfect gallery is a down to earth and real woman, who shares the good, the bad, and even the ugly sides to being a new Mama. Sometimes I look forward to her captions more than her photos, because she is so relatable. Her talents are limitless. Dear Hannah knits, she is incredible at calligraphy, she should add florist to her resumé, and she even bakes little French desserts like macarons. All that and to top it off her bundle of love Oscar is the sweetest little cherub you ever did see.

She captures her daily antics through such vividness, sometimes it seems she has stepped into a dream. Her photos are fresh and light, and I always get excited when a new photo of hers pops into my feed. I am in awe of the beauty she captures everyday, so I am thrilled she agreed to share with us a bit of insight into the world through her eyes.

What catches your eye and makes you feel inspired enough to take photos?

Like most people, I go through phases of feeling hugely inspired and having lots of creative image ideas in my head, and times when I feel like I've lost my 'Instagram mojo', which is how I'm feeling at the moment! Those times can be super frustrating; I tend to overthink what I'm posting and don't like the overall appearance of my gallery for a while, and am even tempted to delete photos! My son, Oscar and all things floral and botanical are the two things that always fill me with inspiration to pick up my camera, and more so recently I am finding that magical light catches my photographer's eye; be it the flickering of the evening rays through a window onto a wall, or the flare of sunshine through branches of a tree.

How do you stay creative even on the days when you feel you have lost your 'Instagram mojo'?

I would love to say that I pushed myself to find inspiration on my down days, but the truth is I'll post a photo from my VSCO gallery that I hadn't yet shared! I hugely admire those that only post in the moment, but with being back at work and looking after Oscar on my days off it's just not possible for me. If I'm lacking creative inspiration I try to post less, and instead spend more time looking at other Instagram accounts that inspire me and engage with them.

 If we were to take a peek at your camera roll right now, what photos would we see that you wouldn't necessarily post on Instagram?

My Camera roll is genuinely 99% Oscar-- I just can't help it, he's so darn cute!

Your photos look like they are taken by a professional! What is your trick for making them look so gorgeous every time?

Oh, thank you! I'm very much an amateur, but I have got to where I am now by practising - I take a lot of photos! -  and from learning from others. Sara Tasker and Hannah Argyle both have blogs with brilliant tips on photography. I always shoot in natural light, and although most of my Instagram photos are taken with my iPhone 6s, I have a DSLR and have learnt to shoot fully manual in the last year or so, which has really improved my understanding of how to take a great photo. I'm also a pedant for detail, and won't post a photo that is slightly out of focus or wonky, or has a plug socket in the background - but that doesn't mean I don't have a lot of charming but imperfect photos hanging around on my camera roll!

What are three Instagram accounts we should all be following?

This is a really hard one, as there are so many beautiful accounts I'm loving at the moment! First up, @thisisjules: floral; colour; British; curated by one of the loveliest ladies I ever had the pleasure of knowing. Next, @jade.andthedarlings: this mama of two gorgeous girls has an amazing vintage style and her feed positively oozes joy; @carenbarry: clean and bright, packed full of botanicals and British scenes; @helena.moore: Helena nails it, every time - her gallery is simply stunning, no words could do it justice! And @cherry.rebecca: I love finding a beautiful account before it has 'made it big'; Rebecca has around 200 followers at the moment but is absolutely sure to grow, each one of her images is a gem. Sorry, I couldn't stick to three!

It's always nice to know even the most creative people can have days when they aren't feeling so. If you aren't already following along with Hannah (then you're crazy!), go ahead and do that now @hannahstraughan. Thank you so much Hannah for your daily photos of beauty and Motherhood, and for letting us peek a little further into your gorgeous life.

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  1. Super gorgeous post Jules, as always! Will be using some of Hannah's great tips for my own feed!

    Chloe xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous! Those tips really help :) xx

  2. Ahhh such a lovely post - I adore Hannah's feed too and it's a real honour that she mentioned me here! xx

    1. Glad you like it! Her feed is definitely one of the best on IG. Elizabeth or @blowyinthewind mentioned you as well in my last 'Through her eyes...' post, but I completely forgot to tag all the lovely accounts. Sorry about that! xx