September 02, 2016

I have a real treat for you on this fine Friday. I am thrilled to introduce you to Elizabeth Dalton or @blowyinthewind, as many of us know her. If you were to ask me, ''Jules who gives you daily inspiration on Instagram?'' well this is the women. Sometimes I wonder how she does it! It's no secret that I follow a lot of amazing women on Instagram. Many of them have extremely beautiful and creative accounts, but Elizabeth stands out amongst the crowd.

I had the pleasure of finding Elizabeth many months ago and have admired her from a distance. The power of blogging gives some courage, so I reached out to her and she was as lovely as I could have imagined. I'm so happy she agreed to be featured here, because life through her eyes is beautiful, special, and oh so dreamy. 

I love your daily words of inspiration that you write in chalk in your photographs. Where do you get your daily inspiration from?

This is a hard question as my head is often filled with lots of ideas and possible pictures but it tends to come from things that are happening in my life and thoughts or my environment at the time. I can say since joining Instagram I'm so much more aware of the change in seasons and the story nature can tell you when you watch it more closely. I find it easier to style a picture for Instagram if I have a real story or thought behind it. In other instances  it's as simple as gathering pretty things putting them onto the table, just faffing around and snapping the result. The Instagram community is also a good way to spark ideas and I could spend (do spend) way too long browsing others accounts. 

Your captions & quotes that accompany your photos always give me a dose of positivity, which is always so refreshing!

Do you have any advice on how to stay positive day to day?
My husband and of course my two children who never see the negative are a big part of keeping me upbeat. I'm a firm believer in the law of attraction which through putting positive thoughts out draws only good things back to yourself. I'm not really a morning person and normally it takes a cup of tea to wake up so often I find flicking on to Instagram and having to think of a caption focuses me to think of the good that will come in the day. I'm not always full of energy however  and have plenty of lack lustre days as well. What works for me to stay positive is thinking of the simple things in your life that make you feel happy, writing a list of things your thankful for, and also jumping about with the radio on, and just generally having fun and being silly. No one can see you when your in the kitchen dancing away and honestly it fills you with the best energy. I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to thoughts to remember as its always good to have lots of positive words or good quotes to fall back on. 

Flowers, flowers, everywhere! If I didn't know any better I would think you were a florist. What got you started with faffing with flowers?
I wish I was a florist that would be amazing. I spend my working life in a pharmacy so very much removed from the flower faffing on Instagram. I started Instagram back in January whilst on maternity leave with encouragement from my husband. I had no idea what I was going to post and started taking pictures on my iphone. I have always had a love for flowers and colour. I soon got the bug and am now well and truly addicted. The flower faffing has become a creative hobby just for me. It gives me pockets of time in my week to just do something for myself. The best thing about it is I don't have to leave the house to do it, so it works well with work/family life balance (my husband might argue housework and chores have gone to the way side to be replaced by little bowls of petals and scribbled notes of photo ideas). I have spent my summer always looking for flowers to bring home to play with and often have jam jars filled with bunches of this and that and a bowl of petals in the fridge. 

You don't seem to reveal too much of yourself on Instagram, especially with your #fridayfacelessportrait photos.
What is something your followers may not know about you that you would love us to know?

If you know me or we chat privately on Instagram you know I'm a real rambler and spill everything but when it comes to captions I find it tricky to know how much to say.
So 3 things about me:
- I'm a massive over thinker (hence the maybe not giving too much away). 
- I live in rural N.Ireland on a farm with my lovely husband and 2 kids .
- I'm ridiculously clumsy and do silly things or get myself into silly situations most weeks because of this it takes a lot to actually embarrass me.
- A fourth random one for my 21st I got a donkey!

What are three Instagram accounts we should all be following?

I can't limit to 3. @posyandpetal Kate's  flower filled squares with little sprinkles of petals is beautiful and she is just the loveliest person as well. One day we will meet up, drink tea and chat for hours I just know it.
@thisisjules if you love flowers one flick on and that's all it takes to be instantly in awe of her account.
@allthatisshe unique pictures and really funny captions you will be hooked.

@lillalivetandme through the power of ig I have a friend in Germany. Niinas account has beautiful tones throughout there isn't anything to not love. 

Can I squeeze another in? @home_and_roam I have recently just found Emily's account and so glad I did.
Instagram accounts with great blogs packed full of tips are... @meandorla @hannaharrgyle @humphreyandgrace they are all so generous with their information and advice. 

She's something isn't she? To follow along on her posts of creative beauty and positivity, click follow here @blowyinthewind. Thank you so much Elizabeth for opening up and giving us some insight into your personal life and daily inspirations. I look forward to seeing your next chalk scribbles and petal play!

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