September 28, 2016

Summer in the South is winding down slowly, but surely. In September the days are still very warm, sometimes even unbearably hot, but the nights begin to cool down and you have to put a sweater on to go out. Those kind of chilly nights are my favourite, because it means Fall isn't far from arriving. Last weekend we wanted to soak up one of the last Summer nights before it's too cold, to enjoy the beach just the three of us. As the sun was setting we arrived and all of the sun bathers were leaving. To have a beach all to yourself in Cannes is a rare thing, so this moment was even more special. We watched the golden sun descend behind the hills of Théole-sur-mer, James and I snuck a couple of beers to drink, and Oslo ate handfuls of sand. It was the perfect end to an incredible Summer spent with my family. 

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  1. Oh how gorgeous - looks like the perfect evening!! What did you shoot your photographs on hunny, they are great!!!

    Chloe xxx

    1. Thank you so much as always darling, you are so sweet! It was such a lovely evening :)
      We shot with my new Huawei phone that has a Leica camera in it. It takes such good quality photos, I am so happy with it!
      Jules xxx