September 16, 2016

This trip to Corsica was the last hurrah of an amazing Summer. We stayed in the most secluded spot in the Southern part of Corsica with our good friends, for one week of bliss and relaxation. I had only heard incredible things about Corsica or Corse as they say in French, so I knew this place was going to be special. As we drove off the ferry that took us from Nice to Bastia in the North part of the island, I felt like we had entered into a land perfectly mixed with France and Italy. It was actually strange to me to have the sense that I was in two countries at once, but since I love both of them very much it made me love Corsica even more. We arrived at night, which I've always enjoyed because it means you get to see a new place with fresh, rested eyes in the morning as the sun is coming up. To me it is the best way to start a holiday.

My friend Alex's Aunt offered us her holiday villa to stay in while we were there, and this place was so gorgeous, we never wanted to leave. It was complete with an infinity pool, sweeping views of the sea, and we could even see flamingos swimming in the bay across the marshes. It was the perfect spot for us all to relax.

We spent most of our days at the house because how could we not? But there were a couple of spots Alex suggested we visit to get a true sense of the Corsican life. Just a short drive away was the charming village of Porto-Vecchio. It's a pretty small town, but they have an incredible market where we bought fresh fruits, vegetables, and cheeses. We also had to get some local liquer, wine, and rosé, Let me tell you, I would make the trip back just for that rosé, so good to sip poolside.

On our last day we drove to the most Southern part of the island to the breathtaking village, Bonifacio. It is perched on top of a cliff, so the views were incredible. We could even see Sardinia from the lookout point.

For the rest of our days we took our time in the morning, had late breakfasts, swam in the pool, sipped cocktails under the sun, played Mölkky which is so much fun if you haven't tried. We all pitched in to make some delicious meals and ate every meal outside. We were so lucky with the weather, it was sunny and hot everyday, except for one night when we had the most amazing thunderstorm.

September really is the best month to go. We avoided the summer tourists, the weather is still beautiful, and the sea is so warm. So if you ever plan a trip to Corsica, definitely go there for the end of summer, if you can.

This holiday was one of for the books. We made so many memories with Oslo, who thoroughly enjoyed himself, especially swimming in the sea. I feel so lucky to be able to take Os to so many places, he really is a pleasure to travel with. To remember these moments I have created another travel diary video above and am thrilled to share our photos from the trip as well. I hope you enjoy our week in Corsica!

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  1. Ahhhh Jules this is gorgeous!! Corsica looks amazing!! Love all your photos and that vlog is a dream!! Love the music, Oslo loveliness and those slow mo jumping in the pool clips - so fab!! xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Corsica is truly amazing, you should definitely add it to your travel list. haha we had so much fun with the slow mo and those jumps! xx

  2. Jules, it looks like you had a dream of a trip!! Gorgeous photos hunny, especially love the one of you sat having coffee — so peaceful and still.

    Chloe xxx