August 18, 2015

Hey! We are back from our three day babymoon in Sarrians and seriously, it's incredible what a little getaway can do to you. Especially one that feels so secluded. We stayed at La Bastide du Grand Chêne, which is basically a very old, very large house converted into a hotel and two cottage rentals. Surrounded by vineyards and forests it was the perfect weekend for James and I to spend some alone time together.

We arrived late on Thursday afternoon to a stormy, moody sky which was a bit of a bummer, but we were so tired after the three hour drive that we didn't really care too much. So we just relaxed, James enjoyed some rosé, we had dinner and fell asleep to the sounds of the thunderstorm. On Friday we were super lucky with the weather and woke up to sunny thirty degree weather. Our plan was to go to one of my favourite French towns called L'isle sur la Sorgue. Famous for it's antique festival that they host twice a year, this town is so charming and so classically French, I love it! We went with hopes of finding a rocking chair for the baby's room, but for whatever reason they are so hard to find in France. So we left empty handed but still had such a fun time rummaging through all the antiques. 

After a long lunch we drove through the countryside and passed thousands of vineyards and sunflower fields, and stopped along the way to visit villages, which one of the best parts about living here. We decided to check out a town called Orange because we had heard some good things about it before, and we loved it. It was so random to have such a cool, lively town in the middle of nature and not much else. 

After all of that exploring we wanted to go back to the Bastide and enjoy the pool and sun, and go on a little walk around the ten acre property. We spent another relaxing night there, enjoyed a dinner on the terrace, and too many bottles of red wine (well not me, I wish, but everyone else indulged). Saturday we left late in the morning to make the long drive back and we spent the rest of the weekend with James' family visiting from Paris. 

It was a quick weekend away, but definitely one for the books. I love spending these last few weeks just with James, relaxing together, and preparing for bébé to arrive. It's moments like these that we cherish so much, before our little family of 2 becomes 3. 

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