August 05, 2015

Happy hump day ya'll! How is it already Wednesday again? I am sad how fast Summer seems to be speeding by us. But I guess I can't be too sad because I have some things to look forward to when Fall arrives. For this week's Midweek Music Mix I wanted to shake things up over here. Some of you might be asking yourselves, does Jules only listen to one type of music? Well the answer is kind of, yes, but I am trying to branch out from the indie, folk and alternative genres into something a little different. With that in mind I made a playlist for this week with some cool beats and fresher styles of music. At least that's how I would describe it anyway. I played it for James last night at dinner and he was a bit shocked with how out there it is compared to the music I normally play. He noted it had a lot of beats, which I will take as a good thing and a sign I am venturing out of my comfort zone. So with all that here is this week's mix, I hope your ears enjoy it! 

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