July 17, 2015

This maternity shoot was long awaited and one my older sister Alex and I have been planning ever since I knew I was going back to Toronto. Having a sister who is a professional photographer means she is pretty much down for anything, but it also means she will throw crazy ideas my way and I almost always have to say yes. You know like, let's get up at 4:30am and head to a deserted forest on the shores of Lake Ontario for the sunrise, well that sounds pleasant enough. Until we were greeted by a swarm of the biggest mosquitoes I have ever seen in my life, so large she had to edit them out of the photos! Then I put a flower crown on, only to attract even more of them and have them bite me all over my head and back, to the point where it now looks like I am a teen with bacne. After a few shots Alex asked me if I wanted to do some nude shots, only seconds before a man walks out of the forest and asks to watch us. Which ended up being the most awkward five minutes of my life. Seriously why do people do that? No man, you can't watch us! But I am too nice to say those things, so I said sure... Sorry Alex, I had to take a pass on being naked in front of a strange man, next time I promise. 

The photos turned out so magical and beautiful that the strange man watching and even the bacne bites were all worth it. This is such a special and whirlwind moment in my life and to have someone so dear to me capture it means the world. 

So here I am 28 weeks pregnant, on the first day of my last trimester.

Thank you so much! Photos by Alex Neary of Wild Eyed Photography.

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  1. Stunning photos! Your sister is seriously talented :)

    Emily - Rossetto

  2. Thank you so much Emily!

  3. Gorgeous!! I'm actually planning to get my maternity photos done soon and I fell in love with your dress where is it from?

    1. Thank you Brenda! The dress is actually a vintage wedding dress I found in Toronto. You should definitely have a maternity shoot, I am so happy I have these photos. All the best in your pregnancy! Xo