June 01, 2015

Our little bébé has already made it past the half way point and I can hardly believe it. Seriously it's June 1 today, almost half way through the year, and less than half way to meet this little doll inside me. I am so impatiently excited, I would be so fine with time speeding up even more. This week we are going for our second ultrasound, which is going to be such a happy moment, but also a huge struggle. This is the week we can (if we want) find out the sex of bébé. I am fighting all of my urges to know and sticking with James on waiting for the big surprise at the birth. I have to admit the only reason I want to know is because we are having such a hard time thinking of names for boys. If the baby is a girl then we are good to go, but for some reason boys names have been very hard for us to agree on. But I know waiting will be so worth it, and I think it will give me so much drive when in labour.

This little mover and shaker has been non stop kicking, punching and twirling inside of me since about 18 weeks. I cannot get enough! I love how every morning bébé wakes me up with gentle nudges, and after every meal it gets a boost of energy and has a full on dance party, and every evening when James puts oil on my belly, bébé kicks to let him feel and connect as well. It is such an intense thing, and it makes me feel so much more connected to this human I am growing.

I have to say I now know why and can relate to how everyone says the second trimester is a walk in the park. Compared to the first, my body feels like it is on vacation. All of the symptoms and struggles I was having in the beginning have gone. I suddenly have so much energy and a huge appetite to go along with it. The only thing I have noticed is if I push myself too much in the day, I definitely feel it at night. So I am slowly learning to take breaks and take it easy on myself throughout the day, so my back and especially my hips don't hurt later on. This is a lot harder than you'd think because my nesting mode is already fully engaged (typical pregnant woman, I know!). Everyday I am finishing up projects around the house from the long list of things we still need to do here. We still haven't started the nursery, but I figure that would make a great Summer project for James and I, so we will wait until I am back from my holiday in Toronto in July.

Till then I will keep enjoying every second of this short pregnancy, and these limited days James and I have only to ourselves.

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