April 13, 2015

Is it just me or every year around this time when Spring is evident all around us, you begin to get a feeling that you need to refresh the home? It is like clockwork for me, and I really felt it this weekend.

For me it's not always about changing decor or furniture, sometimes it can be as simple as giving the house a good clean and taking away the clutter. This is also a good time to clear out old things you might be holding on to for future days to come. In the Winter I can become a bit of a hoarder of unnecessary stuff to keep me company in the cold months. But I find come Spring I usually have a good clear out of it, which always helps make the home feel new again. Taking away the old and replacing them with a few new additions to your decor like some plants, will add new life to a familiar space. I always focus on simplicity and minimizing the stuff around me.

This inspiration doesn't always come easy to me, so I have collected a few design and decor photos to help boost my creativity. They will help us find new inspiration in an old space, and help welcome Spring into our homes.

Ah, I am feeling more refreshed already! It's amazing what a few beautiful interior photos can do. Happy Monday and I hope this helps you feel inspired through the weeks to come.

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