April 09, 2015

Hey! So this post comes with a little TMI warning. If you are not pregnant or don't want to know the woes of pregnancy, then maybe this post isn't for you. I wanted to have an honest girl talk with you. Share a few things and hopefully give some good advice to help you, and get some good advice back to help me.

With all the joy, glee and excitement that comes with finding out you are pregnant, there are some things that can diminish those wonderful feelings fairly quickly. For me I can't complain too much, especially when I compare my pregnancy so far, to the horror stories I have heard from friends and others online. I am in great health and now that I am in my second trimester it seems pretty much all of my first trimester symptoms have faded away, so lucky me! But I did want to share a few things that helped me immensely to get through it all.

Pass Me That Plastic Bag
Very early on like at week 4, I was hit with horrible all day nausea. I don't mean it lasted all day, but it would come up at random points throughout the day, not just in the morning. I struggled with it pretty bad, especially if it was triggered when I was out and about, in the car, or even in French class. So I quickly needed to find a solution that would help get rid of it. One thing that really helped were these little magic pills my friend Alex recommended. They are from a French company called Maternov, and I think you can only buy them in France, so if you live in another country ask your pharmacy to see if they have something similar. The capsules are organic, all natural, and are essentially ginger pills. I took two every time I felt nauseous and the feeling would reduce fairly quickly. Along with the pills I would chew on ginger candies a ton. If you are not a fan of ginger I would just have to say try and suck it up, because even my midwife says it's by far the best thing for nausea.

No Action in the Bathroom
The second symptom I had was by far the worst! Here is where the TMI warning comes into play. I was extremely constipated! Like holy moly I had no idea a body could go more than 6 days without doing something. It didn't matter how much water, prune juice, or herbal tea I drank, my bowels were closed for business. So once again my glorious midwife saved the day. I told her everything I tried and she just kept saying they don't work. Okay then please help me! She told me to buy a shit ton of kiwis and put them in the fridge. Every morning she told me to eat 2 cold kiwis, then drink a hot cup of tea. Bing, bang, boom, success! It literally worked the first time I tried it. So now everyday, I eat kiwis, I drink hot tea, and I saw good morning to my toilet!
Please, if you are constipated like I was this is your answer. Do it and do it now.

Another woe I had that has seemed to go away was fatigue. And it was that kind of sluggish, drowsy, can't fathom doing anything but take a nap, kind of tired. I am a good sleeper, if sleeping was a job, I'd be the boss. I get at least 8 to 9 hours sleep every night, so I knew the fatigue that came with pregnancy was not because I wasn't getting a solid sleep at night. It's just one of those things I think every single pregnant woman gets hit with. It actually made sense when I read that we burn through more energy just sitting down being pregnant, than a non pregnant person going on a big run. Good to know sitting on my ass with a baby in my belly is the equivalent to me actually exercising. I didn't think there was much I could do for the fatigue except for take a nap, but again Maternov helped me out big time. They have fatigue pills, again organic and all natural, full of iron, magnesium, thiamine, biotin and some other goodies. Basically the pills are a mineral and vitamin power booster.

Now that I am not feeling as tired I still take one every morning. I have always had low iron, so my midwife suggests I continue taking these pills throughout my pregnancy. She also suggests pregnant women take a super pill called Spiruline or Spiralina in English countries. It's a huge protein booster and contains all essential amino acids.
(Obviously ask your personal midwife or OB before taking any supplements or pills. But these are all natural and organic, they just help improve your mineral and vitamin in take, and essentially make you feel better during your pregnancy.)

Another thing to remember is rest. Don't feel guilty about taking a little break and having a quick nap. That also really helped me when physically I was so drained.

If I See An Egg, I Die
I have yet to feel the typical pregnancy cravings. Naturally I am not a person who gets cravings for specific foods. I can definitely get a feeling like, yeah I could definitely eat some pizza right now. But I haven't yet screamed at James to drop everything and go to the store to get my pickles and ice cream! I have actually been having the opposite symptom. I am having major food aversions. So much so that I can make a full meal, serve myself and sit down to eat and then suddenly be disgusted and not want to take a bite. I have completely gone off eggs. I don't even want them in the house, because if James cooks them and I get a whiff, it's instant nausea and disgust for me. Blah, yolks, so gross right now! Now I should be putting on steady weight, but last time I went to the midwife I actually lost 3kgs. Which is probably because I am not eating as much as before, because food seems pretty repulsive. The few things I have managed to eat and enjoy are salads, rice, tofu, most vegetables, fruits and pasta. I should mention if you don't know that I am pescetarian, so no meat on my menu.
I haven't seemed to be able to fight off this symptom yet, so if you have any advice please send it my way.

I think that's all folks! Clearly I don't have much to complain about, and I am in the same boat as millions of other pregnant women. Now that most of these symptoms have gone away, I can say I am really enjoying being pregnant. It still feels like there is an alien inside me sometimes, and I do feel a bit weird, but I am embracing it all.
I do hope if you are suffering from these symptoms like me, my tips and little tricks will help you out. Do you have any valuable pregnancy knowledge? Tips? Please don't be shy and let me in on your secrets. Merci!


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