April 03, 2015

Happy Friday! This French Friday I am thrilled and so over joyed to share some very exciting news with you. If you read my goodbye to 2014 post, then it would come as no surprise that James and I were hoping to add a new member to our little family this year. Well our wishes came true this January when we very quickly became pregnant with our first bébé. Yipee!

It is such a strange but incredible feeling, when you have wanted something your whole life and then even more so with the man you love, and it actually happens. For as long I can remember since I was a very small girl, I have had the most unfaltering feeling that I needed to be a Mother. It's like it was programmed in me when I was born. So now to be in my own reality that I will become a Mother in just 6 short months seems so crazy to me. I feel very mentally prepared for this part in my life and the journey that is ahead, I just can't wait for it all to begin.

Just before we left for Marrakech we went for my first sonogram scan at 12 weeks. This was the most amazing moment for us. To finally see on the screen that this pregnancy is in fact real, sets everything into perspective. 

On Sunday I will be at 14 weeks, and time is already flying by. I have yet to 'feel' truly pregnant, just experiencing the typical symptoms (nausea, fatigue, constipation, and food aversions). I am looking forward to see my belly blossom and actually have the sensation that there is a little human growing inside me.

For now James and I are enjoying our lives as usual. We are taking a few trips together before that becomes more of challenge for us, we are preparing the dogs for a new sibling, and finishing the long list of things left to do in the house. I guess procrastination is not an option anymore...

Thank you for all of the kind messages so far, it is so nice to finally share the news with everyone!


p.s. If you have any pregnancy secrets, tips, info I need to know please send them my way :)

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