April 22, 2015

As the weather warms up James and I love to hit the open road and drive around the South of France, hoping to discover a new little village, abandoned chateau, or beautiful forest to walk the dogs in. One of the key elements to making these long drives enjoyable is a great playlist. Something that is fun and gets you pumped up for the adventure you are embarking on. I make a tons of these playlists for us to listen to, and since I don`t drive it is my passenger responsibility to be the dj in the car.

So for this week`s Midweek Music Mix I have put together a new playlist of upbeat, great Summer songs to listen to when you are driving in the car. I know in the next few weeks this mix will be on repeat in our voiture, and I can`t wait for our little road trips to commence again. I hope you enjoy this mix while off on your next adventure. Have a great Wednesday!

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