February 11, 2015

Living in a house especially a very old one, I was starting to think all I ever do is clean. It seems the older the house the more dust it creates, and add two dogs to the equation and you've got yourself a dusty, hairy home that needs constant attention.

I made a comment to James a while back saying "I could seriously clean this house everyday and it would still be dirty." So that got me thinking, why don't I clean the house a bit everyday so I am not overwhelmed at the end of the week? Before I would tidy the house everyday, but wait till Sunday to do the full shabang and vacuum, mop, dust and disinfect the place, which would end up taking me hours and put me in not the greatest mood in the world. I should mention for those of you who don't know, that I live in a four storey village house. The basement doesn't count for cleaning because we use it mostly for storage and laundry, but the other three floors are used daily. So for one little old me, it ends up being a lot of work that I was quickly growing tired of.

Tip #1 Clean a little everyday. This revelation has saved me. Now every morning or evening before dinner, I will check off one cleaning task for the week. For example yesterday evening I vacuumed the entire first floor of the house (living room, kitchen and dining room) and dusted the surfaces. This only took me fifteen minutes! If I see the floors need mopping then I do that as well, which would only take another ten or so minutes for the whole floor. Then this morning for example I vacuumed and dusted our master bedroom and dressing room, and now that task is checked for the week. This new way of cleaning has made me finally feel like I have a handle on things at home, and has given me more time to just relax, instead of obsessing on the cleanliness of my house.

Tip #2 Give yourself a weekly routine. This too has helped me stay on top of things at home, and has kept me so organized. One of the weekly routines I have is, every Sunday I change our bed sheets. This can happen in the morning or evening just before bed, but not matter what, every Sunday those sheets get cleaned and I go to bed happy. Tip #2 seems a bit obvious, but it's something I never did before and would sporadically do chores in the house with no schedule. I feel now because I know what I have to do each day or week, taking care of the house is much less daunting for me.

Living with a partner, husband, or whoever, can add to the cleaning you already have to do. If you are like me and has a husband who doesn't naturally pick up the vacuum or put a load of laundry on himself, then tip #3 will help you out.

Tip #3 Ask for help and/or give tasks to your partner to do. Once again this was not something I really did before moving into my house, because I lived in apartments that were very easy to clean. But now things have changed. James, bless his heart told me one time "I'm sorry but I just don't see dirt the same way you do, so I never think to clean." Meaning his level of acceptance for dust and hair is a lot higher than mine and he can live with it, no problem. Except this was beginning to be a problem for me.  I sympathized with him that he didn't think to just clean on his own, so I started to ask him to help me out with different things. Now he will help me change the sheets on the bed, I asked him to start cleaning the second floor bathroom that he uses a lot more than me, and he unloads the dishwasher a ton now. It is so much better to know I have someone else helping a little bit every week to manage all the tasks I have to do.

There you have it, the 3 tips that have saved me from going crazy in this house of mine. They've given me more time to relax and just enjoy my home, and have taken a little bit of the pressure of being a housewife off. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!

Clearly I am still learning how to manage a home, so please send any tips or tricks that have helped you my way. Merci!

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