September 02, 2014

Now that I live in France and Toronto is no longer my home, whenever I return for a visit I love to explore with new eyes. It's funny how when you live in a city for so long you sort of miss the details and can go about your days not appreciating the amazing views a city like Toronto has. So far I have been spending my days wandering around and discovering new places, and returning to old favourites like the Toronto Islands and Riverdale Farm.
I love Toronto for it's diverse restaurants, so I have indulged daily on everything from dim sum to Mexican, so good! On Saturday I tried this great new bar called Rush Lane on Queen St. W which just opened six weeks ago. Their cocktails are amazing and I loved their home cooked pretzels with smoked butter. Cool and trendy bars are definitely something I miss about not living here.  
Unfortunately I am having some unexpected troubles with applying for my spousal visa for France, so instead of leaving today I have to return on September 21. It's super frustrating not knowing whether or not I will be allowed back in, but I guess on the bright side it means I can see my family and friends more in Toronto. I already have some more fun things planned while I am here like, exploring lavender fields, going to a friend's cottage, going to my friend's birthday party, seeing a movie at the Toronto film festival, and I am sure eating a lot more delicious food.
Stay tuned for many more of my Toronto adventures.

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