September 03, 2014

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to write a quick post to give an update about the status with my visa, and the challenges that come with living in a foreign country. 

Living in France has many perks, I really love it, but sometimes they are overshadowed by the burden of being an immigrant. For the past two years James and I have had our ups and downs with the French government, and trying to apply for a working visa. After waiting six months for a response to my application, much to our horror I was kicked out of the country in May. I then flew back to Toronto asap and returned to France a week later, as a tourist. This was the worst timing ever, as it was only one month before our wedding. Crunch time! So for the past three months I was staying in France, and just came back to Toronto now to apply for a spousal visa.
I went to the French consulate in Toronto last Thursday to apply and was told it can take up to two weeks to process my application. I changed my return flight home to September 21 and was prepared to wait. Based on our experience with the French government, you never know how long the process can take and you don't know what the results will be. So after my appointment I was very nervous and stressed.
Then much to our excitement yesterday, I received an email from the consulate saying my application was approved!!!
This was the biggest relief ever. To be able to live and work in France and continue our life there is such a weight off  my shoulders. Now I can enjoy the rest of my time in Toronto, and can't wait to return (legally) to my husband and new home country.
Merci beaucoup France!

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