August 21, 2014

When imagining our wedding over the past two years the part I thought about the most was our ceremony, and how we were going to make it special for us. I found it difficult to find help on untraditional ceremonies online. If you aren't religious or traditional, you are sort of on your own with planning. So, James and I decided to just make the ceremony about love and our relationship. We wanted an intimate and fairly small gathering of our closest family and friends, and having them share in the love James and  have for each other.

Choosing our officiant was another tricky part because here in France you have to go to your city hall and 'officially' be married by the mayor. We weren't going to have the legal ceremony until the following month, so we needed an unofficial officiant for our love ceremony. Finally after many, many talks James and I decided our fathers would be so great at it and would make the ceremony even more personal. It worked out so well! The two of them together were very funny and it was so nice having them both tell stories and talk about the memories they have of being young fathers to us.

I remember the moment just before I was about to walk down the aisle after my sister Alex. She looked back at me and said "Are you okay? Are you ready?" I think she could tell by face how nervous and anxious I was. It's a crazy feeling having everyone you love there, waiting for you to walk down the aisle and to see you for the first time as a bride. I had butterflies in my stomach and wanted to cry and laugh at the same time, I was so happy. As soon I had walked down the aisle and was greeted by my handsome groom, I felt so relaxed and all my nerves started to fade very quickly. 

We had no trouble in deciding to write our own vows and for me reading my vows to James and hearing his vows to me was the most incredible moment. Through everyday life we share moments and say things to each other from the heart, but to write down everything you love about someone and what you promise to them is amazing. It really makes you reflect on your relationship and why you are choosing to marry this person. 

The ceremony to me is the reason I wanted a wedding. Don't get me wrong, the party was out of this world, but the ceremony was the moment I could profess my love for James and show everyone why I am marrying him. I chose this man to be my husband and I want to shout it from the rooftops! ... or at least say it to the eighty guests that were present.

I will cherish our little intimate ceremony forever. 

photos: David Guenther. venue: Villa Cambaras. my dress: vintage from Bungalow. shoes: Anthropologie. headpiece: Twigs & Honey. James outfit: Massimo Dutti and Danyberd. flowers & coordination: Alison Leontaridies and Alex Neary. food: Jérôme Ravel. hair & makeup: Emily Novitzki and Manon Sassi. music:Brightlights. invitations: Smitten on Paper. wedding favour print: SS Print Shop. Our rings: Cynthia Findlay Antiques. Furniture: Dierickx Events. Tent: Organic Concept.

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  1. The expressions captured in these pictures are beautiful! Your photographer did a great job. Congratulations again! :)