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I'm Jules & the story of Maple + Macaron began three years ago, when life wasn't always slow and simple like in the South of France. Before I moved to France, life was a lot more fast paced and busy in Toronto, Canada.
I met my now husband James there, and we decided to pack up our lives and move back to his hometown of Cannes, France. Now three years later we have a little bébé named Oslo, and if he isn't the sweetest thing in the World, then I don't know it is. 
As a new Mama I spend my days at home, raising Oslo in our village house, taking way too many photos of him to post on Instagram, attempting to cook like a traditional French Maman, and constantly being inspired and in awe of the beauty that surrounds me in the South of France. 
Maple + Macaron is an outlet for me to feel creative, and with that in mind I post about interiors I love to look at, food I love to cook, music I love to listen to, style I love to wear, places I love to visit, people I love to be with & stories I love to tell.


La vie est faite de petits bonheurs.