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I always love reading from other women what their go to beauty products are and why. It can really take years to find the perfect skin car...


November 03, 2014

I always love reading from other women what their go to beauty products are and why. It can really take years to find the perfect skin care products for your specific skin type, so by hearing the advice from others you can narrow down the search a little quicker. I know for me I have struggled with finding natural products that don't dry out my skin, don't irritate my skin and don't cost a fortune. I have finally found amazing and natural products that do wonders for my skin, so of course I wanted to pay it forward and share them with you. 

Living in France there is an abundance of top of the line skincare products. Although many French and International women swear by them, I don't feel it is necessary to buy a product based on it's brand name or price tag. Just because something is French and expensive, doesn't mean it will benefit your skin long term. About a year ago, I switched all of my skincare products to natural ones, excluding some of my makeup. I tried and tested many different natural creams, masks, oil and toners and after loving some and hating many, I have narrowed my line up of skincare products to just a few. The major benefit of switching to all natural oils and creams is, they work on pretty much every skin type. Of course some will work better than others if you have either dry or oily skin, but overall I have found they worked well on everyone.

Naissance 100% Pure Cold Pressed, Sweet Almond Oil
Soothe, relieve and nourish are all words that you see when researching the benefits of Sweet Almond Oil. And seriously they are all true. I use this oil for my overall body moisturizer. Legs, chest, butt, I slather it on everywhere because it seriously moisturizes better than any cream or lotion you can find. It is so versatile it can be used for an assortment of things, such as makeup remover, wrinkle reducer, dark circle correcter, boosts immunity, hair conditioner, dandruff treatment, blah, blah, blah, the list goes on. I love this oil so much. It is so light and natural, many baby products have sweet almond oil in them. So go ahead and use this amazing stuff on the whole family. Simply the best.

Caru Skincare Co. Jojoba Facial Oil
This is my go to day oil. I apply it after cleansing and applying toner to my face. Just a couple drops will do you. You may be thinking that putting oil on your face right before you do your makeup is a bad idea. But jojoba oil is so light and chemically, it is very close to our skin's sebum, which allows the oil to get absorbed quickly. So within a few minutes the oil is absorbed and your skin is ready for makeup. 
Not only just amazing for your skin, this oil is so versatile I also use it as a makeup remover, hair conditioner and body oil. Bonus! It naturally has an SPF 4 so provides some sun protection (not to be replaced by sunscreen). It really is the perfect oil for daily use, it is cost effective and can pretty much replace all other facial creams you are using.

Mosqueta's Organic Extra Virgin Rosehip Oil
I use Rosehip oil at nighttime before bed. For my skin, it doesn't absorb quite as quickly as jojoba oil does, so I prefer to use it at night when I have a bit more time to let it sink in. Rosehip oil is very high in essential fatty acids, which promotes collagen and elastin levels, plainly speaking it kicks wrinkles asses. It is basically anti aging in a bottle. It also treats dry and irritated skin as well as scars and stretch marks. Amen to that! 

Prince Edward County Lavender Massage Oil
Shocking! I got this lavender massage oil in Ontario, Canada when I was back home in September. But surely when I run out I will restock with some divine lavender oil from the fields in France. No matter where the lavender may come from, the benefits are all the same. This oil is labeled as a massage oil, and though I love a good massage I tend to use this more for my body, especially before bed. To me the smell of lavender is the most relaxing and really puts my mind at ease. Just one whiff before bedtime I am lulled into a state that helps me fall asleep much quicker. If you are a bit of a stressful person, an insomniac, have anxiety, etc. you should really try applying lavender body oil before bed or even before work. 
This oil is blended with sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, olive oil, avocado oil and lavandula angustifolia so you get the pros of the lavender but also a hydrating and moisturizing body oil. I love it!

La Vie Claire Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil
Palmarosa Essential Oil should seriously be used by every single woman or even every person. I swear by this stuff. Stop buying all those anti wrinkle non sense creams and just by this essential oil. Not only does it help fight infection with its antiseptic properties, but it helps the formation of new tissue, which fights wrinkles while rejuvenating and regenerating your skin. Great for dry skin as it helps retain the moisture in the tissue and maintains the moisture balance. Can it get any better? Yes, it also helps relax muscles, nerves and fights fatigue and anxiety.
I was doing a ton of research last year about the best essential oils for skin, and the ones that help restore and re balance the tissue. After reading the long list of benefits Palmarosa oil has, I went and bought some for myself right away. Now a year later, I still use a drop or two mixed into my rosehip oil I apply to my face at night and am seeing the benefits everyday. It rapidly clears up any of those dreaded new blemishes that pop up unexpectedly and leaves skin smooth as silk. The one and only downside is the smell. I am used to it by now, but every time I apply it, James makes a comment about how pungent it is. It has a very natural earthy smell that is sort of unpleasant, but for me the pros outweigh that one con. 
I chose the La Vie Claire brand, but you can use any brand of Palmarosa as long as it is in its essential oil form and is preferably organic. 

Caru Skincare Co. Rock + Rose Organic Toner
This toner is perfect for dry and sensitive skin as it is light and fresh.  It is balancing, hydrating, and will leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Damascus rose hydrates and clarifies, geranium rose calms and balances, and rock rose rejuvenates your skin. I use this about every other night, after cleansing my face and before applying oil. It is so light that it could be applied every day or night if needed. I love how clean it makes my skin feel and look. Now sold in a spray bottle, it makes applying that much more carefree. 

Cattier Organic Masque Argile Jaune
There is nothing I love more than soaking in a nice bubble bath with a face mask. It is my ultimate form of relaxation. As the cool weather comes I tend to take a bath almost every night. So about once a week I apply this Cattier mask to my clean face and really give my skin a break. Made from all natural and organic yellow and white clays, it is enriched with jojoba oil to moisturize and protect, with peppermint for its refreshing and stimulating properties, and with the essential oil of geranium, it really soothes and nourishes my skin. 

Christian Lenart Eau Aromatisée de Jasmin (Jasmine Water)
I use facial water every morning after I have washed my face and before I apply my facial oil. It works exactly like a toner, cleansing away any dirt or makeup residue. I have recently started using this Jasmine Water but also swear by Rose Water. It really leaves me feeling refreshed and is a great pick me up in the morning.

Soapwalla Kitchen Deodorant Cream
I have read many reviews about this all natural deodorant cream and pretty much all of them are great. Many bloggers have said even in hot and sweaty weather, the cream has lasted and kept them smelling fresh. I have tried this deodorant all throughout the summer and while most of the time I did stay smelling fresh, there was that off chance I was sweating a little more from the heat than normal and I did need to apply a more potent deodorant. Overall I really like it, especially that it's in a cream form, so I can apply as little or as much as I want.

Sharing is caring! Do you have a natural skin care product that you swear by? Please leave a comment below...

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