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It's official guys, I am only 165 days away from my wedding, so I thought it was completely  appropriate  to spill the beans and tell ...


January 07, 2014

It's official guys, I am only 165 days away from my wedding, so I thought it was completely appropriate to spill the beans and tell you my biggest wedding worries.

So far I have been cool as a cucumber with the wedding planning. I thought since I have two years to plan it, there was no point in stressing out and going all Bridezilla on James. I have to say we have been better at this planning stuff than I thought we would be. We've booked the venue, band, and caterers. I've gotten my dress, shoes and accessories, and booked my hair and makeup. There are just a couple other things to book, but we are on schedule and feeling great!

But, with that said I do still have a few wedding worries that I can't get out of my head. 

As most of you know already, James is French and I am Canadian and the wedding guests will be a mix of both, but majority speak English. So we thought to honor both of our countries and culture we would have a bilingual wedding. This is definitely easier said than done! My worry with this is that we are creating unnecessary confusion for guests. For the ceremony my Dad and James' Dad are the officiants and my Dad will obviously speak in English and James' Dad in French. But we are struggling to figure out the best way for them to talk. Should they repeat what each other says to translate or just say their own readings and stories with no translation? I don"t want the ceremony to last forever and I don't want it to be a he said, he said sort of thing. We want the ceremony to be personal and intimate, all the while trying not to get lost in translation. Man, why did I have to fall in love with a foreigner!?

James and I both wanted a small wedding, with just our close friends and family, but of course once you start the guest list that thing can have a mind of it's own. Before you know it your intimate wedding of forty, has turned into eighty plus people. So now we are struggling with trying to make it an event where everyone will mingle with new people, who might not speak their language. We are having a cocktail style dinner, with no formal seating. Which basically means we are forcing people to move around and meet some new friends. This could go two ways... one: everyone embraces the casual dinner style and walks around, talking to new people and just having a great time, or two: the guests are hesitant and stick with the people they know, and end up not mingling and mixing with other guests. James tells me this is something I shouldn't worry about, because it is out of our hands and we have arranged the dinner so people will no matter what be forced to mingle a little. I guess I will have to let that one go, and just trust that with a cocktail or two it will give people the liquid courage to meet some new International friends.

I am pretty sure I am not alone when I say that I suffer from ugly day syndrome. You know those days when you wake up, start to get ready for the day and you look in the mirror and just feel ugly. It doesn't matter how great your hair or makeup techniques are, you still feel ugly. This typically only happens to me on the most important days when I should feel my prettiest. For example, on my prom day I woke up and just felt super gross and ugly. Then I went to get my hair and makeup done, but that didn't help I still felt the same. I wasn't in the mood to pose for photos and see everyone, because this was the day I was meant to feel and look my best but I didn't. Now I know this is all in our head's and we probably look great, but if you don't feel it then it doesn't seem true. So not to sound completely vain, but I am so scared I will suffer from ugly day syndrome on my wedding day. There is no way to prepare myself for it, I will just have to wait and see how I feel and I guess look when I wake up on that big day. I will also be praying a lot for no pimples, please no pimples, please no pimples...

Finally one of my biggest worries for the wedding day is that I stay present, in the moment, enjoying every second, and don't get over stressed or too in my own head. Everyone tells me their wedding day flew by, and they had a hard time staying present and enjoying every second because they were so busy. So I am very aware that this could happen to me, and I could get too caught up in the whirlwind of it all. James and I did ourselves a favor by having the ceremony and reception at the same place, so we don't have to drive from venue to venue. I think this will be huge in keeping us less stressed, and we can just feel at home because the wedding will be at the villa we are staying in for the whole week. It also gives us the full time to spend with our guests because we won't be running around at all. But even with that, maybe I will be thinking too much about the caterers and making sure the food is served on time and that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves. Damn! I knew I should have hired a wedding planner, that's their job to worry! I just need to clear my head, have a glass of champagne, and repeat my wedding day mantra 'Stay present and in the moment. Enjoy.' I think if I repeat that enough times I will get it and that will be my attitude for the big day.

I think for a bride these are somewhat normal worries to have, at least I hope they are. With all the worry, I have to say that my main focus is on how excited I am for my wedding, I can't wait to be James' wife, and have all my family friends together to celebrate our love. I know this is what I will be thinking on the big day, and I am sure all the worry will disappear as soon as I walk down the aisle.

If you guys have any advice or ideas for me on having a bilingual wedding or how to keep a wedding intimate or anything that could help, please comment. I need all the help I can get!

See my wedding venue here.

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