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Guys guess what? In two weeks we are FINALLY moving into our  house . Yipee! It has been a long awaited moment for James and I, and we ar...


January 15, 2014

Guys guess what? In two weeks we are FINALLY moving into our house. Yipee! It has been a long awaited moment for James and I, and we are acting like giddy school girls every time more progress is made. This week the floors are being installed and the whole place is being painted, then next week the kitchen and bathrooms will be completed. The only downside to all this excitement is, the contractors tell us the second floor with the guest room, office and second bathroom won't be finished. So that means while we are unpacking and trying to move in, they will still be working for a couple more weeks. But I think if that is the only downside, then I can live with it and just make do for the time being.

Now let's talk about my vision for our new home. I love interior design, it gets my motor running (did I just say that?) and I frequent the design blogs everyday for inspiration. I am not going to go ahead and say that I have great taste and am really great at design (I'll just wait for you to tell me once you see the after photos), but I do have a passion for it so I think that helps when I try and execute my vision. This time around I want my home to be clean, fresh and inviting. I love the mix between old and new, but am leaning more on the new side because the house is 254 years old, and I want to update the look as much a possible. All the while still complimenting the architecture and design of this old beauty. 

I never thought I was that into white walls and decor, but the more and more I see it, the more and more I love it. So we have chosen (for now) to keep all the walls white, and wait to make any changes once we move in. We really want to live in the house for a couple of weeks or maybe months before we change the colours and add a lot of furniture. This is something we didn't do in our apartment in Toronto because we were so anxious to decorate that we bought all the furniture and decor very quickly. In this house we want to feel it out a bit, and only buy pieces that we love and will completely enhance the space. Over the past few months I have collected tons of photos for different ideas in each room in the house, and today I have put my top photos together. So here are my ideas of how I want to see my house and the vibe I want people to feel when they enter it.

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