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It's Friday, Friday, g otta get down on Friday, e verybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend! That's right m...


November 22, 2013

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday, everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend! That's right mes amies it certainly is Friday, which typically means tonight I will be enjoying a bottle of wine to myself and flicking through bad French tv trying to find a show that I can understand. What it also means is, I will be educating you on some classic French words and phrases for you to use on an everyday basis. This week I got a request from my sister, asking me to give her a lesson on fighting words. You know, words she could say if she wanted to start a cat fight this weekend at a bar. Oh man she's going to look so tough spewing out French phrases, I am going to be so proud. Go get 'em Alex!

Lesson Of The Week

Grosse Pouffiasse = Skanky Slut
Enfoiré = Jerk
Salaud = D*ckhead
Enculé = A**hole
Connard = Bastard

If you would like to insult someone with these words, then just say "Tu es un/une..." it's so simple and right to the point!


Je te déteste. Tu es complètement faux cul! = I hate you. You are so full of sh*t!
(I think this would be a great thing to say to your dirt bag ex-boyfriend. You will come across as so powerful and he will have no idea what you said, so he will still be the bad guy. You can leave the room with your head held high, because you didn't stoop down to his level... well at least he doesn't need to know that.)

Tu es la plus grosse salope que je connaisse. = You are the skankiest slut I have ever met.

(Wow! Those are some fighting words and would definitely shut any girl down who was giving you trouble. I can picture a girl giving me a hard time at a bar, like trying to come onto my man or something and I just turn to her and BAM! Take that! Except I couldn't do that here in France because I would probably get punched out, but maybe if that happens to me in Toronto I will try it out.)

Hopefully you will never get into a cat fight or bar fight or any kind of fight for that matter, but at least I feel confident that you are prepared with these fighting words. Now you won't look ridiculous and completely embarrass yourself if it every does happen. You are welcome.

Do you love toilet talk as much as I do? I thought you might, so here is last week's lesson.

(Photo via Garance Doré)

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