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I love living in Le Cannet. I enjoy it's quaint beauty, the little shops and restaurants, and the familiar faces I see daily. But liv...


October 15, 2013

I love living in Le Cannet. I enjoy it's quaint beauty, the little shops and restaurants, and the familiar faces I see daily. But living in a small village sometimes makes me miss living in a large city. It especially makes me miss my old home of Toronto.

I miss being able to walk anywhere and everywhere in the city. Knowing you could make an entire day of it. Exploring the secret parks, window shopping the enticing boutiques, and stopping to grab a coffee on any corner of a street. 

I really really really miss Starbucks. This might sound weird considering I live in France and the espressos here are delicious. But I miss the "to go" aspect of Starbucks. That I can go in, grab a coffee and take it with me. In France they know the art of patience and enjoying the little things in life, but for someone like me who loves to walk around I really miss having my drink to go. 

I miss the international feeling of living in a big city. What I loved about Toronto is you could walk down one street and have entered through Little India, and passed through Little Italy to finally end up in Little Portugal. The food in each of these little neighborhoods is so authentic and you can eat around the world every night of the week. Don't get me wrong, the food in France and in Le Cannet is amazing. I love French food so much, but sometimes I crave massive amounts of all you can eat sushi or maybe grabbing a burrito at 1am or even going for dim sum for a Sunday lunch. 

On rainy days in a small village you are kind of limited on fun things to do. In my village there is one small museum, and that is about it. All the best things to do are outside, so when it rains I tend to stay home. This is definitely something I miss about living in a city, the ability to have an endless amount of indoor activities.  In Toronto on rainy days I would visit the Royal Ontario Museum, or the Art Gallery of Ontario, maybe the Bata Shoe Museum. I could even visit the Eaton's Centre Mall and shop away my rainy day blues. No matter how poor the weather was I could always occupy my time with something fun and interesting.

Finally I miss the feeling of being incognito in a big city. Le Cannet is small enough that I say "Bonjour!" to the same 10 people everyday. In Toronto I could leave my house and no one would know me. I wouldn't have to talk to anyone if I didn't want to, and I loved that. I feel like I can't leave my house looking like a complete mess now because those 10 people might wonder what's wrong with me. So I consciously try and look a bit more 'put together' than I normally would in Toronto, even if I am stepping out to grab a baguette.

(via Wild Eyed Photography)

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