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It was three years today James and I met in Toronto on Halloween. The night started out as any other Halloween, my sisters and I dressed u...


October 31, 2013

It was three years today James and I met in Toronto on Halloween. The night started out as any other Halloween, my sisters and I dressed up in one of the best costumes ever (Sears mannequins) and planned to go out with friends to a bar called The Supermarket. As fate would have it, James was there as well with all of his friends, ready to have a good time. 

As we entered the bar I went into the washroom and got separated with everyone, so as I came out I was wandering around trying to find a familiar face. I looked towards the bar and saw my older sister Alex talking to a very tall man wearing an afro. I went up to them and was introduced to James or The French Man as we called him. Alex walked away and left me to do the only appropriate thing I could think of at the time, and that was taking The French Man's phone number. He was very cute and said "Oh, I don't know how you do it in Canada, I don't know what the game is. I will take your number, no actually you take mine." So after a few minutes of us figuring out who was takings whose number, I said I'll take yours and text you later. Now this is something I would never do and I think it is a sign we were meant to get together. I am never that forward in the first minutes of meeting a guy and I don't think I have ever asked for a number. So it was a bit strange of me to do this, but I went with it and added his number to my contacts under the name French Man (which by the way is stupid because how would I ever remember his name after tonight).

As the night progressed there was tons of dancing, playing Operation on my friend who dressed up as the game, dance-offs, and getting yelled at by the bouncer for dancing on the booths. At the end of the night James and I parted ways. My sisters and I decided to go get 4am pizza and proceeded to take off our bald caps at the table, which pretty much grossed everyone out at the restaurant. 

The next day I texted James and we organized another night out on the following Friday with our friends again. This by the way is a great idea to get to know a guy. I liked that we didn't have a one on one date because we didn't know if we even liked each other yet, so meeting up with our friends was a perfect way to get to know each other in a group setting. We really hit it off and he was so funny and charming that I could see my sisters were being wooed by him too. At the end of the night James, my sisters, his friend and I went for 1am burritos and this is when I knew us meeting was fate. He ordered a vegetarian burrito! I had never met a vegetarian man and didn't even know a vegetarian European man existed, so I knew I had to lock him in. After we were done eating, he hailed us a cab and pulled me aside and told me he would like to take me out on a proper date. I swooned and knew this was the man for me! And the rest as they say is history...

It's been three amazing, crazy and romantic years with James and life just keeps getting better with him.

Here are some photos from that crazy first night... I am the one with the bald cap on in the brown shirt and James is the tall man with the afro. By the Way, I think the best part of the whole story is that I met my future husband and got his number wearing a bald cap!


(Top photo via Wild Eyed Photography, Halloween photo's via my friend Andrea)

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  1. Happy Anniversary my sweet sweet love. You are the most gorgeous women wearing a bold cap I have ever met. You look even better with hair ;) xxx