Happy Saint-Valentin Weekend all you love birds out there!
This French Friday I thought we would slow things down over here at Maple + Macaron, you know
dim the lights a little, stare into each other's eyes and get all sentimental. 

Since I guess I am considered a love bird because I am married and all, I thought I would share all the romantic things I will be saying to James while we hold hands in a candle lit room, listening to Serge Gainsbourg, and feeding each other something with chocolate in it. You know, typical Valentine's Day stuff.

Sorry to all you single ladies and gentlemen, I don't have you covered this week, but if you are looking to score this weekend (winky face!) then this post here will help you with all of that and more. 

So to begin today's lesson I want you to grab the one you love, and take this time just for the two of you and repeat after me...

Tu es l'amour de ma vie. = You are the love of my life.
(Doesn't that just roll off the tongue so nicely. I am saving this phrase when I am on my death bed and James is looking down at me, waiting for that inevitable moment to come. This way he will know it's true because we will have spent our lives together, and I want to go out with a romantic bang!)

Je n'aime que toi. = I love only you.
Ma vie a commencé quand je t'ai recontré. = My life began when I met you. 
Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi. = I could not live without you.

(These phrases are really showing your loved one that your life began with them, but would suddenly end without them. It's all very Romeo & Juliet if you'd ask me, and I love it!)

Tu es l'homme de mes rêves. = You are the man of my dreams.
Tu es la femme des mes rêves. = You are the woman of my dreams.
Embrasse-moi! = Kiss me!
(Now to seal the love deal, enjoy some French kissing, remember you have to use your tongue a lot! I mean a lot!)

I think with these phrases your Valentine's Day will be legendary! You will have won so many points by woo'ing your partner in French and if any evening ends in a makeout session with French kissing, you can't go wrong. Don't worry, you can thank me all on Monday.

But wait! What if this weekend you are not feeling all sentimental, and you are actually planning on ending your relationship with your partner. Well you have come to the right place, I too will keep you suave and romantic even if you are breaking up with someone with these French phrases.

Ma vie s'est terminée quand je t'ai recontré. = My life ended when I met you.
(Ah so harsh, but so true! You definitely want to be as honest as can be when breaking up, so this will really show them how you feel.)

Je ne t'aime pas! = I do not love you!
(This one is a bit dramatic, but you are breaking up with someone on Valentine's Day so it's obvious you are a naturally a dramatic person.)

C'est terminé! Je te quitte! = It's over! I'm leaving you!
(The cherry on top of the breakup sundae! The final phrase to end it all. Et voila! You are single again, but the weekend isn't over, you can find a new partner with this lesson here.)

There you have it! I have covered all of the bases for a memorable Valentine's Day weekend full of love and it looks like a bit of hate. I hope whatever route you choose this weekend you have the best time doing it. Bon Saint-Valentin my little love students! xoxo

P.S. In case you need even more French love phrases, here you go!

(image: Robert Doisneau)


Living in a house especially a very old one, I was starting to think all I ever do is clean. It seems the older the house the more dust it creates, and add two dogs to the equation and you've got yourself a dusty, hairy home that needs constant attention.

I made a comment to James a while back saying "I could seriously clean this house everyday and it would still be dirty." So that got me thinking, why don't I clean the house a bit everyday so I am not overwhelmed at the end of the week? Before I would tidy the house everyday, but wait till Sunday to do the full shabang and vacuum, mop, dust and disinfect the place, which would end up taking me hours and put me in not the greatest mood in the world. I should mention for those of you who don't know, that I live in a four storey village house. The basement doesn't count for cleaning because we use it mostly for storage and laundry, but the other three floors are used daily. So for one little old me, it ends up being a lot of work that I was quickly growing tired of.

Tip #1 Clean a little everyday. This revelation has saved me. Now every morning or evening before dinner, I will check off one cleaning task for the week. For example yesterday evening I vacuumed the entire first floor of the house (living room, kitchen and dining room) and dusted the surfaces. This only took me fifteen minutes! If I see the floors need mopping then I do that as well, which would only take another ten or so minutes for the whole floor. Then this morning for example I vacuumed and dusted our master bedroom and dressing room, and now that task is checked for the week. This new way of cleaning has made me finally feel like I have a handle on things at home, and has given me more time to just relax, instead of obsessing on the cleanliness of my house.

Tip #2 Give yourself a weekly routine. This too has helped me stay on top of things at home, and has kept me so organized. One of the weekly routines I have is, every Sunday I change our bed sheets. This can happen in the morning or evening just before bed, but not matter what, every Sunday those sheets get cleaned and I go to bed happy. Tip #2 seems a bit obvious, but it's something I never did before and would sporadically do chores in the house with no schedule. I feel now because I know what I have to do each day or week, taking care of the house is much less daunting for me.

Living with a partner, husband, or whoever, can add to the cleaning you already have to do. If you are like me and has a husband who doesn't naturally pick up the vacuum or put a load of laundry on himself, then tip #3 will help you out.

Tip #3 Ask for help and/or give tasks to your partner to do. Once again this was not something I really did before moving into my house, because I lived in apartments that were very easy to clean. But now things have changed. James, bless his heart told me one time "I'm sorry but I just don't see dirt the same way you do, so I never think to clean." Meaning his level of acceptance for dust and hair is a lot higher than mine and he can live with it, no problem. Except this was beginning to be a problem for me.  I sympathized with him that he didn't think to just clean on his own, so I started to ask him to help me out with different things. Now he will help me change the sheets on the bed, I asked him to start cleaning the second floor bathroom that he uses a lot more than me, and he unloads the dishwasher a ton now. It is so much better to know I have someone else helping a little bit every week to manage all the tasks I have to do.

There you have it, the 3 tips that have saved me from going crazy in this house of mine. They've given me more time to relax and just enjoy my home, and have taken a little bit of the pressure of being a housewife off. I hope they help you as much as they have helped me!

Clearly I am still learning how to manage a home, so please send any tips or tricks that have helped you my way. Merci!


The Winters are long, cold and can be very boring. As soon as the cold weather hits, all I want to do is get home and cozy up with a hot water bottle and a movie. It can be hard to get the motivation to actually go outside and enjoy the Winter days and to fight the inevitable Winter blues. But hey, I think I have found the best solution!

A spa day! Yesterday James and I spent the day at a spa and had a couples massage, and my oh my how revitalizing that was. We went to the Les Thermes Marins de Cannes Thalasso and Spa, at the Radisson Blu hotel, and it was exactly what I needed. We enjoyed a few hours swimming in the Mediterranean sea water pool, sitting in the hamman, caldarium and sauna, then went for a 50 minute California couples massage. By the end of the day we both felt like we were floating and had a sudden weight lifted off us. 

It was so nice to experience this as a couple, but honestly this is something you could totally enjoy on your own. So if you're single have at it! Just to take the time for yourself and to literally do nothing but relax is something few of us get to do in the Winter months.

So if your trying to fight the Winter blues like I was, the best advice I have for you is, head to the spa and relax! 

Do you have any tips or tricks for helping with the Winter blues? I would love to know!

Oh and keep in mind Spring is only 39 days away, we're almost there!


Happy French Friday tout le monde! Okay so we should have started this challenge at the beginning of February, but I think better late than never. The challenge at hand is to watch 28 French movies in 28 days. I wish I could say that I put together this challenge and list of movies myself, but unfortunately the great site Talk in French did, so bravo to them!

Whether you are like me and in the process of learning French or just another francophile, then I think you will love pretty much all of these movies.

I have already seen a few on the list, some of my favourites are...

La Vie En Rose

Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amélie Poulain


The ones I haven't seen but really want to are...

La Boum


L'Écume Des Jours

They all look great right? Ah I just love French movies so much. I hope you accept this challenge, we are all obviously busy people so I doubt watching a movie every single day will happen. But at least try and challenge yourself if you haven't already, to watch French cinema a little more. You can check out the full list here at Talk in French.

Hey and if you have any suggestions for French movies I might not have watched and will love, please leave me a comment.

I hope you have a bon weekend!

P.S. Here are a few more French movies I posted about a while back.
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