Hello my midweekers! I have been listening to a ton of playlists lately because I have been spending most of my days escaping the heat, relaxing poolside or just at home (usually in front of a fan). For me nothing passes the time better than sitting back with some great music. So this week I have put together a mix of some recent songs I have been loving and playing on repeat.

Have an amazing rest of your week, and I hope you enjoy this week's music mix!


I was inspired by the incredible Emily Henderson when she posted her top Wallpaper round up on her blog last week. For some time now I have been searching a ton of different types of wallpapers to put up on the wall where the baby's crib will be. There are so many gorgeous and fun choices out there, so the hardest part of all is choosing just one. In the midst of my search I discovered the really cool Swedish brand, Majvillan. Painter and artist Charlotta Sandberg launched her brand in 2013 with whimsical wallpapers, then a few months later she released a collection of textiles and posters. From there Majvillan has grown into a successful family run company, focused on eco friendly manufacturing and organic products.

I love every design of Chalotta's wallpapers. To me they are so happy and youthful, and would brighten up any kid's room in a second. I even think some of her designs would look great in an adult's room or living room as well. It is amazing how wallpaper can upgrade the design of a room so simply.

So with that, here is my round up of my favourite Majvillan wallpapers. I hope you love them as much as I do!



After much debate, James and I finally chose this wallpaper below for the baby's room. We painted the nursery a light blue which looks great, but it is very baby boy so I wanted to add a feminine element to the nursery. I think this wallpaper will do just that and add a little more colour which is always welcomed.

So cute, don't you think? I am so looking forward to sharing photos of the finished nursery in the next month or so. So keep your eyes open for that upcoming post :)


I am forever on the hunt for good quality, eco friendly, handmade baby products for this little bébé growing inside of me. This search of mine has proven to be a lot more difficult than I anticipated, so when I finally come across a company like Maximinus, I get very excited. 

These guys check all of my boxes. Their philosophy is that babies and young children's shoes should guide them and accompany the child to grow and develop their muscles while learning to balance and walk. So they have designed what they like to call 'second skin' soft leather shoes, that are made in France, while using the highest in ecological and ethical German leather. Plus the shoes are the cutest designs ever, so seriously, what more could I want from a brand?

And best of all, their designs are all unisex, which is such a bonus for me since we have no idea if bébé Theis is a boy or a girl yet.

My favourite ones are these, but you can shop the full collection over here.

One more great thing... they ship Internationally and free to anywhere in the EU (until August 17, with the code: happyholidays). Yipee!

P.S. Check out another amazing, eco friendly French brand here.


Happy Midweek! How is your week so far? So, I made this playlist about a month ago before I went to Toronto, and completely forgot to post it. Shame on me! It has been on repeat in my house when I am craving a chilled out mix of songs, sung to me by some sweet and soulful female voices. It is the perfect mix for those hot summer nights, when you are sitting back relaxing with a cold drink in your hand. Doesn't that paint a pretty picture for ya? Anyways, I hope you love this mix as much as I do! 

And as always, I would love to hear from you! How did you like the playlist? What do you want to hear next?

P.S. From the archives, here are some older Midweek Mixes just in case you missed them, here and here.


This maternity shoot was long awaited and one my older sister Alex and I have been planning ever since I knew I was going back to Toronto. Having a sister who is a professional photographer means she is pretty much down for anything, but it also means she will throw crazy ideas my way and I almost always have to say yes. You know like, let's get up at 4:30am and head to a deserted forest on the shores of Lake Ontario for the sunrise, well that sounds pleasant enough. Until we were greeted by a swarm of the biggest mosquitoes I have ever seen in my life, so large she had to edit them out of the photos! Then I put a flower crown on, only to attract even more of them and have them bite me all over my head and back, to the point where it now looks like I am a teen with bacne. After a few shots Alex asked me if I wanted to do some nude shots, only seconds before a man walks out of the forest and asks to watch us. Which ended up being the most awkward five minutes of my life. Seriously why do people do that? No man, you can't watch us! But I am too nice to say those things, so I said sure... Sorry Alex, I had to take a pass on being naked in front of a strange man, next time I promise. 

The photos turned out so magical and beautiful that the strange man watching and even the bacne bites were all worth it. This is such a special and whirlwind moment in my life and to have someone so dear to me capture it means the world. 

So here I am 28 weeks pregnant, on the first day of my last trimester.

Thank you so much! Photos by Alex Neary of Wild Eyed Photography.
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