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This poor little blog of mine has been so neglected these past couple of weeks. I blame it on being 38 weeks pregnant and falling asleep on the couch way too often. It makes it really hard to sit down, feel creative, and actually make a post. But I did want to do a few special posts before my bébé makes it's debut, which could be any day now! Ah I have to pinch myself because it all still feels so surreal and I am so excited.

After sharing a couple of sneak peeks of our baby nursery on my Instagram throughout the past few weeks, we are finally all done. On Sunday we put up the wallpaper by the baby's crib, and by we I mean just James, because I was having regular contractions all day. I really thought it was the real deal and James was telling me to hold my horses and just wait until he finished the last strip of wallpaper before I have this baby. Well false alarm, thankfully, we finished everything and baby decided to stay in a little longer. Now I am hoping it wants to stay in until after my Mum arrives on September 30, but unfortunately it is not up to me.

If you saw my nursery inspiration post than you would know I wanted this room to be gender neutral, fun, whimisical, and comfortable. I also wanted it to be a room that James and I would want to hang out in. After many, many hours this Summer of painting, building furniture, and decorating we are all done and I am so happy with how it turned out. I have to say this has been the most fun room I have designed in my house, and I am a little jealous my bedroom doesn't look this styled. So here is my bébé's finished nursery, I hope you like it as much as we do.

I have been collecting different pieces of art or cards before I became pregnant knowing I would love to one day make a gallery wall with them. So with those and some sentimental photos and gifts I put together this fun feature above the dresser. It is so nice to have special keepsakes displayed for baby to grow up with. That gorgeous white mobile was handmade by my sister Alex, and I hung it above the changing table so baby has something to look at while I get the amazing job of changing diapers done. 

How amazing is this wallpaper? I am so in love! I knew this wall was missing something so after searching online for different papers I found this great company called Majvillan and ordered a roll right away. FYI if you have never hung wallpaper up before it is so much easier than we thought. Now I want to wallpaper my whole house!

I wanted to make my own mobile for above the crib because I couldn't find any that I loved or I found that they were too expensive. So on one of James and my weekly hikes I found this branch in our favourite forest, cleaned it up, and sewed and glued these seven little birds to it. It is all a lot easier said than done because it did take me an embarassingly long amount of time to make, but I am happy my baby will look up at something I made by hand for it. 

I wanted to make a comfortable little reading/nursing corner, and everyone was telling me to get a really good rocking chair because I will be spending a lot of time in it. So I found this super cozy rocking chair second hand online originally from Ikea. 

Having accessible shelves for books and toys was also important for when baby is old enough to play so this bookshelf also from Ikea works really well. Now we just need a few more toys and books to actually fill it up.

It is so exciting knowing now the only missing piece in this room is the baby and all we have to do is be a little bit more patient. For now you will see me sitting in that rocking chair everyday, imagining life with this baby, and wondering who he or she is. Have I mentioned how excited I am?

So there you go, the full nusery tour, I would love to know what you think!

I am hoping to share a few more posts before baby arrives, so keep an eye out for those. 
Until next time, Bon Weekend xoxo


Happy Midweek! Laziness has struck me hardcore this week and all I want to do is relax, and listen to chilled out playlists. So this week I made one just for that. For days when all you want to do is curl up and hibernate, because maybe you are hungover, you had a bad sleep, you're having a shitty day or maybe you're 8.5 months pregnant. Whatever the reason may be, I feel ya. Let's all be lazy together and relax with this awesome mellow Midweek mix. Enjoy!


With the launch of their brand new website and AW15/16 collection of baby clothing, I knew it was about time I finally shared with you this incredible Barcelona brand, 1 + in the family.

I have had my eye on them for some time now, stalking them on Instagram (naturally), just like any normal pregnant woman would do. As you may know, I am always searching for locally and consciously made baby products, from family run companies, with simple designs. After contacting Gemma Mases, the creator and designer of 1 + in the family and getting some more information about her and her brand, I was so inspired by her story, and knew I had to feature them.

Gemma is a Mum of three who has always had a passion for children's fashion. Wanting to create her own brand, she was inspired when her sister had her first child, baby Bruna.

''The brave decision of my sister to start a family as a single mother, was key to encourage me to undertake the project that I had been dreaming for so long, that's why we decided to name the brand 1 + IN THE FAMILY''.

What I love about the designs are how minimalistic they are and you can mix and match each piece to create new outfits, which is always helpful when dressing a baby. With the refined colour palette it also makes shopping for this mystery bébé so simple, since almost all of the clothes are gender neutral. I also love how cozy, soft, and comfortable they are. Don't you just love the designs? So cute!

1 + in the family is sold in stores Worldwide, if you are in the EU you can shop online at Hula Hoop, Pas A Pas, So Lovable, Carrousel Kids and Babyssimo. If you live outside the EU you can contact them for a list of stores in your area. 

I can't wait to dress my little Winter bébé in these!


Ah Summer love. Isn't it the best? I thought since we only have a few weeks left of this glorious Summer, I would make a little playlist for all you lovers of the Summer. Some of these songs are about lasting love and others are about heart break, you know, for those flings that don't last past Autumn. So snuggle up with your guy or gal, while enjoying the final days we have of the heat, sun, and beach days. 


Lately I have been finding so many great family run European companies, who make organic baby clothing, that are also handmade locally in the EU. So today I wanted to share one of my favourite brands I recently came across online. Gray Label is an organic apparel and accessory brand, made for what they call 'the little minimalist'. Founded by Dutch Mum and designer Emily Gray, she wanted to create simple, everyday, consciously made clothing for babies and children. For a Mum-to-be like me that is music to my ears. A huge plus for me and my bébé is that they are also all unisex, so it makes shopping for this mystery baby so easy. 

''We like simplicity in a world that is overloaded with bright colours, ‘cute’ teddies and busy prints on shirts. Focusing instead on colours and designs that would even make grown-ups a bit envious.'' 

You can shop the full collection here, and bonus for you non-EU'ers, they also ship internationally!


Hey! We are back from our three day babymoon in Sarrians and seriously, it's incredible what a little getaway can do to you. Especially one that feels so secluded. We stayed at La Bastide du Grand Chêne, which is basically a very old, very large house converted into a hotel and two cottage rentals. Surrounded by vineyards and forests it was the perfect weekend for James and I to spend some alone time together.

We arrived late on Thursday afternoon to a stormy, moody sky which was a bit of a bummer, but we were so tired after the three hour drive that we didn't really care too much. So we just relaxed, James enjoyed some rosé, we had dinner and fell asleep to the sounds of the thunderstorm. On Friday we were super lucky with the weather and woke up to sunny thirty degree weather. Our plan was to go to one of my favourite French towns called L'isle sur la Sorgue. Famous for it's antique festival that they host twice a year, this town is so charming and so classically French, I love it! We went with hopes of finding a rocking chair for the baby's room, but for whatever reason they are so hard to find in France. So we left empty handed but still had such a fun time rummaging through all the antiques. 

After a long lunch we drove through the countryside and passed thousands of vineyards and sunflower fields, and stopped along the way to visit villages, which one of the best parts about living here. We decided to check out a town called Orange because we had heard some good things about it before, and we loved it. It was so random to have such a cool, lively town in the middle of nature and not much else. 

After all of that exploring we wanted to go back to the Bastide and enjoy the pool and sun, and go on a little walk around the ten acre property. We spent another relaxing night there, enjoyed a dinner on the terrace, and too many bottles of red wine (well not me, I wish, but everyone else indulged). Saturday we left late in the morning to make the long drive back and we spent the rest of the weekend with James' family visiting from Paris. 

It was a quick weekend away, but definitely one for the books. I love spending these last few weeks just with James, relaxing together, and preparing for bébé to arrive. It's moments like these that we cherish so much, before our little family of 2 becomes 3.